Announcing College Days! Our Next Creator's Contest!


impatience intensifies


Well it will be up anytime between 9th-23rd Of December


Does anyone have an idea if you can still read for the contest and it will count?


Yh. Shelf isn’t up!


Thank you!


Still see ur shadows in my feed.Can’t take back the passes I gave you.Love the Mc but Ilove and I hate you.


Ha ha. At first I didn’t know there was a song named, Lucid Dreams, until my son made me aware of it. I heard it a few weeks ago and funny enough, there is a shadow following the MC in my story lmao. It’s crazy that the song writer and I were thinking the same thing :joy:


Anybody know when the shelf is going up?


I don’t think that it will be much longer, but unfortunately only Episode can answer this question :purple_heart:


It’s been 2 weeks.


It’s usually 3 weeks


Oh, so around Christmas?


Presumably, yes


Ah, thanks.


I would guess next Friday.
If it’s not out this Friday, definitely next Friday. (Watch them prove me wrong ahahah.)






Does anyone know whether we’re allowed to make changes to the previous chapters and start writing a new one as long as we don’t update/publish it? I sent a ticket to support but haven’t gotten a reply in a week :sleepy:


Of course you are!
You can even update if you only make minor corrections (such as fixing typos) in your previous chapters, and I’m not sure what the rule is for publishing new episodes but I’ve seen people mentioning they only wait until the winners are announced, because publishing new chapters during the contest can hurt their reader retention.
So I guess it’s better to wait with publishing, but you can definitely continue working on your story.


The shelf is up :blush: Congrats to everyone who won :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3: