Announcing Fantastical! Our June 2018 Creator's Contest

I can confirm if you even have the story set in the same world, you will be disqualified. I asked Liz the same question and she said the rules stated the story must be ‘new and original’.

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**Hey, guys! **
I would really appreciate if you’ll give a read to my entry

Fantastical: Mysterious Investigation
People are missing in Innsmoot, the monster lives in the forest. Who’s behind all this? ~CC
**Fantasy \ Thriller **
By Lawful Evil

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Tomorrow is the last day…

Depends on your time zone. According to mine it’s june 5 11:59am I think…

For me it is June 5, 12:29 PM
I have a lot of time…

I’m really curious to see what stories you guys wrote. :grin:
Please click this link here for my read 4 read forum.

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Best of luck.

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I bet yours will be good. You are a good fantasy writer.

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Sorry to hear that.

I will definitely check it out.

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I heard that @TheTurtleTrainer isn’t participating anymore…
It was on her highlights so yeah and I was tagged in it…

I didn’t know that. Are you still participating?

Well neither am I sure now…
As I still have some scenes left and I am making some very slow progress so probably not…
But I will try…
But who knows I may or may not participate in it…

When did you say the deadline is by you? I forget the actual time tomorrow of the deadline. I think it is Pacific time, which means I would have likely 3 extra hours, but I am not sure.

Hey I probably had 12 extra hours as Pacific time is less then my time by maybe 12.5 hours so yeah…
I probably will make it…

I have about 200 lines in. I’ll write 800 for the first episode. Hopely this night I’ll write 1.5 chapters. Thanks to @Alex_Af for encouraging me :heart::heart:

Expect something spooky and multiple seasons in the future :wink:

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Where do you live? In Asia?

So are you entering??:blush::blush:

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If only I make it in time. :joy:

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