Announcing Fantastical! Our June 2018 Creator's Contest


No problem, always type “PST time” on google for exact time


One more question! Can you enter work you made with 2 people?
Because I wrote a story with @BadassSaasha, but now we are doubting if we are even allowed to enter it…


Yes you can, it’s called co-writing, however keep in mind that when you enter a contest with a partner, you can only publish a story once.


So only one of the 2 can enter it?
Are you a 100% sure?


Yes, there’s even threads dedicated to it :joy:


Thank you! You are like a lifesaver right now :joy:


When does the reads start counting for the contest, is that as soon as you publish, as soon as you filled in the form or as soon as the deadline has passed?


Right after deadline passes


So if we had any read before that it wouldn’t be counted ?


I don’t think so… It’s not reads that matter, it’s reader engagement (if they continued all 3 episodes)


Oh okay. Thanks.


When will the results be released?


Hey everyone. I just released my story and I hope you like it. The episodes are short but they’ll be longer after episode 3. :purple_heart:

Fantastical: Concealed
Summary: Five years after the war between species you’re the only occult that escaped and mixed with the humans. How long before your real identity is discovered?
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 3 (on-going)


Thank you so much! That means so so much to me! Sometimes I feel like I should just give up with writing, but it’s amazing people like you who keep me going!


I can’t believe the contest is about to end!


I did it by pulling all nighters and ignoring 3 exams. I SLEPT FOR ONE HOUR BUT WORTH IT.
I managed to pull it off… im as proud as im exhausted right now ;_;


You are very welcome!


I’m nervous for my story…


Can you make a future contest be real life/realistic or something, like experienced things experienced in your


If I did that my parents (and step-parents, and grandparents, and aunts and uncles, and cousins, etc) would be disappointed in me… especially my parents…
but in all honesty my mom is disappointed in me no matter what I do…:sob: