Announcing Fantastical! Our June 2018 Creator's Contest


These comps are meant to be fun and visit different genres, there will be plenty of future contests to fit your wants.


I’m sure your story is great!


They thought I was studying, shame on me.
BUT! It’s fine! I did great on the exams eitherway by just a speedy revision!


You all! I got a question! Are 8-10 minutes okay for you for an episode?


That’s usually the length I go for so I guess it’s fine :slight_smile:


16 hours 12 minutes… :tired_face::tired_face:


That’s fine for me. On the shorter side but I wouldn’t consider it too short :slight_smile:


My story maybe will get published within 2 hours… (finally…:relieved::relieved::relieved:)
Just some directing left and I am done…:smile::smile:


First episode took 5 MINUTES WHAT

AND second is 3 MINUTES WHAT?!



Make sure to tap it at a regular reading pace when reading it through.

Since you wrote and coded the story, you may tap a lot faster than the regular reader (I know that happens with me).

So your story might be longer than you think! :smile:


I waited all the animations to finish, sadly it’s 5 minutes :worried:


I just got the email that the overlay that I wanted to use just got approved… so now I am wondering should I even use it??:disappointed::disappointed::anguished::anguished::frowning::frowning:


Quality matters over length to me. You can make a story drag on in 5 minutes or make it so fantastic that I can’t wait to read the next episode. It’s all about how good the story is.


@TheTurtleTrainer, you need to try and make it longer


Use it


Okay peeps, first episode is just pure flasback of how the MC and other MC met. Then you’ll start the actual story in episode 2 :nerd_face:


I just wrote the last word that completed my story…
And adding it I don’t know…:joy::joy:
well how much time is even left and I have to sleep early today don’t blame me I have tests tomorrow


14 hours left, you can do it!


And I have 14 hours to write 2 chapters… Meaning 7 hours for each… boiii i swear i’m pulling an all-nighter :triumph:


You probably will get sick…
Telling you by experiencing it 3 times…:joy::joy: