Announcing Fantastical! Our June 2018 Creator's Contest


Nothing can stop me now!!!1

im definetly not stressed fhhaahaha help


Are you writing a full story in 1 day :open_mouth:


By the looks of it I think she is.:slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:


I had 10 days and I was already stressing!


Yes i’m not very smart


I’m the most irresponsible person you’ll see LOL


Well, good luck! I hope you finish in time! :blush:


You are a fast writer then…
As I could never get a STORY written in such less time…:hushed::hushed:


First episode is done :blush: now I got 14 hours for 2 chapters, let’s say both are 1000 lines, 2000 lines for 14 hours, seems enough.
But let’s calculate, 2000 divided by 14 that would make 142 lines for hour… Which is easy! As longs as you don’t have writers block, nothing is impossible.


Getting reads and promoting will be the hard time as story is scary…


Its impossible for me not to have a writer’s block when I start writing the story…:joy::joy:
As I just keeping getting to the forums all the time and then I lose the motivation to write…:joy::joy:
so now I usually close off the forums and then continue to write…


Geez. It takes me like 40 hours an episode ahahhahaa. Good luck!


I’m so happy and excited. I just published my story. However, if you want to check it out please wait until tomorrow after 12 AM PST, thanks.


omggggggg im having an existence crisis (what is that)


call 9911 plz sned help aaaaaaaaaaaaa only wrote 50 lines aaaaaaaaaaaa
anyways first chapter just needs some touching will do that b4 submittign


Everyone who has already published don’t forget to fill out that google form



I’m wondering,how many people will read my entry? Does it really matter for me to publish? Why am I rushing a story? I’m sure as hell that I won’t win… sigh


@TheTurtleTrainer its worth a shot I’m pretty sure no ones gunna read mine either and I won’t win


It’s just a matter of time for the same thing (previous contest results) to happen again… I cannot wait a month again just to know that I wasn’t even an option. I wish we cared more about inspiring authors.


Episode does care about inspiring authors. Maybe, just try to review your stories and ask for other’s opinions.


I am just doing checking my episodes from the episode 1 and fixing things before publishing…