Announcing Fantastical! Our June 2018 Creator's Contest


I know they do, I wish the community cared more about authors, I’ve reviewed 2 beautiful stories and they were under 100 reads, such a tragedy.


This is my first contest and it took me a lot of time but I try to look on the positive side of it all. I might not have placed but at least I might be one step closer next time and there’s all ways a slight chance you might win. If you don’t win it doesn’t mean you aren’t any good. It might mean you struggled on timing or your ideas weren’t thought through enough so next time you can improve. It might be that you had a bad writing day or just that you aren’t very good t the genre this way you can keep trying something new until you have found the genre you are good at writing. This is also only my second time writing a fantastical story and I know that it’s not very good but I’m trying to write outside my comfort zone. So I think you should publish there’s no point putting all your work to waste. You had a passion and an idea you should follow through with it :slight_smile:


Definitely agree


I just changed my idea again as it’s too scary for this genre… ugh.


I am getting a panic attack over here…
I am noticing so many things that I left behind to do…ugh.:triumph::triumph::worried::worried:


I’m gonna become sick… I just can’t see myself writing a story with that kind of a directing! I didn’t even use gifs! I, didn’t use gifs!

I need a sci-fi contest…



I published my story at 11:59 (a few minutes ago) and the title was saved as Fantasy, even after specifically typing Fantastical: The Age of Dragons. Help! Would love to enter my story because I spent so much time on it. What do I need to do to fix it?


The deadline didn’t pass yet.


12 hours left.


Oh thank the lawd lol. When’s the deadline?! I could have sworn it was before 11:59am. :thinking:


It’s PST and at 11:59 pm


You can do it! :fist:t4:


Hope everyone will check out my story!? Fanatical: Fae Origins.

Magic , fantasy , galactic adventure, romance, and drama

You get to customize fraternal twins Aratora & Saratora.
It will be out tonight!!


Twins separated as babies during the 100 nights war. Halfings & Deity are now servants to the Fae empire. Fate will bring these two together and their real journey will begin.{{CC}}

Good luck to everyone!!!


Can everyone read my story? It’s called fantastical: Demigods:

In a world in which myths become reality, will Ally, a fearless and powerful demigod save it, or destroy it? (CC+CHOICES MATTER)


I can’t believe the contest is about to end!


I wish everyone good luck, or even better, great luck


Hi everybody!! :wave:t6:

Bearing in mind the contest deadline is tonight (tomorrow for me), I have entered the contest with my story Fantastical: Realm Revived (more information here, GO READ!!!) and I wanted to wish all the authors who entered this contest GOOD LUCK!!! :hearts: I’m sure all of your entries are FANTASTICAL (get it? lmao).

I wish all of you creators the best.

Love from,
Kim :hearts::sparkles:


I can’t feel my legs from the exhaustion of hours of sitting, I’m halfway through chapter 2. Chapter 3 will have 400 lines. And chapter 2 is 600 lines. I’ll furthern them after contest. And I don’t have a cover. And I still keep uploading overlays and backgrounds… Ugh.




Yes I did but thanks for the reminder. I hope no one forgot.