Announcing Fantastical! Our June 2018 Creator's Contest


To submit the form?
Go into your writer’s portal and go to your story.
You want the URL in the top search bar that should look something like :


It has a different title name because I created the story with another title, does it matter? D:


Nope! A lot of people create their stories as Mean Girls or Demi Lovato and it’s fine. As long as you haven’t previously published the story then it’s fine!


Is the Halloween themed prompt already published?


No lol but there’s usually one every year… if there’s one this year it probably won’t be out until late August/early Sept?


Thank you so much <3 I just submitted it.


might as well get started on the Halloween contest now I mean, it’s going to be one right . . . ? It has been the past two years xD


Ahahahha I started planning my story last year before the contest was announced because I figured that if it didn’t match the theme or if there wasn’t a Halloween contest, then I could still release it for Halloween :wink:


Happy birthday!


Okay I just published the first 3 episodes to my very first contest entry and very first Episode story EVER!! I hope it is okay any feed back will be welcome. Thanx in advance :):kissing_heart:



Just published my story and got the confirmation email!

Super excited. But not posting it until after midnight. : P

I wanted to change the way characters were placed in one scene, but it required a new overlay, so I guess I’ll have to wait to change it!


Good Luck everyone! This is my first contest, I’m nervous.
Check it out!
Fantastical:When Past and Present Collide.
Please let me know if there are errors.


Wait, omg. You guys got a confirmation email?! I haven’t gotten any email after submitting my story :slightly_frowning_face:

Edit: Nvm LMAO. I panicked too fast. I saw the email :joy:


The deadline is really getting close right now! Less then an hour left…


Deadline getting close, you guys!
I’ve managed to edit the scene I want, just gotta wait for the overlays to get published! I didn’t move the wording or anything around much, just the placements of the characters. I don’t think that constitutes a big enough change for disqualification (I hope!)

Good luck to you all!


The deadline has passed!


Good luck to everyone :nerd_face:


Did you finished it?


Nope, I’d rather not win then publish a rushed story.


This is my story! c: Hope you give it a chance!