Announcing Fantastical! Our June 2018 Creator's Contest


who made ur cover


From Google I search it.


anyone need a cover or splash for the contest


What is meant by the term


Not straight, meaning part of LGBTQ+ community.


Ok thanks


@Liz when is the last day the stories will be judged? I was wondering because I wanted to read some of the entries and wanted to make sure they count and I want to know when I can update my Fantastical story. Thank you.


After the winners are announced, you should be able to update


Yes. Thanks. I was just wondering if she knew if the shelf would be up this week or next week. I also wanted to find out because I wanted to know if I had to complete someone’s story so they can get credit in the contest?


I’m new to the contests. So I didn’t know if they give you the dates of the window that they are judging the stories.





DESCRIPTION: Fantasy world has lot more to do than dressing up and chasing over the prince. Come on and tap the Episode to find out what’s in it. Be the hero, Play the hero. CC


My story is a Limelight story and I’ve added Overlay effects, I used @Dara.Amarie 's tips to learn how to use overlays.

I’ve used Text Overlay Effects for more interaction.

Included choices and dressing up like a pro without gems is an added advantage in my story.


This story is basically about the MC who finds about her superhuman abilities and she is betrothed to a prince who eventually breaks the betrothal and finds more exciting stuff. What will happen next in her life is up to YOU, Because YOU play it to KNOW it.

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If you find it interesting do read it.

Thank You.


They don’t close these threads?


Preach! :raised_hands:




I seriously thought this was the new creator’s contest, and they’re doing Fantastical again. Then I saw that it said June 2018 lol I’m dumb :joy:


Same! I got so excited and clicked it so fast just to see it’s old :frowning:


I know the contest had ended, but I’m gonna go read your story! Sounds really good!


Aye, thank you so much! :smiley: Hope you like it!