Announcing our Dirty Dancing Creator's Contest!


There’s not going to be a section until they’d pick the winners and add them to the shelf. The only way for people to find our stories is to search for DD and all the stories will appear. Of course, we can post about it on Instagram and make threads here in the forum.

Honestly? After the contest, I wish if we’d submit a ticket about requesting our score, based on whatever system they use to judge the stories, that they would send it to us. At least we’d know if we lack choices, creativity, too many grammar mistakes or what, and wouldn’t let us wonder why we didn’t make the cut, or thinking it’s only based on getting the most reads…


Im all finished just waiting for everything to get approved!!


@Liz Can we still edit our story after we publish? As long as it’s before the deadline? I haven’t done the form, the hashtag with screenshot. So it’s not a 100% submission yet.


Liz is on a break so she won’t answer right now.

And since the deadline isn’t over, you can still edit your entry, if I’m correct. :slight_smile:


Good to know! Thank you!


You’re welcome!


So if you don’t live in the US can you enter but not win the grand prize or not enter at all cause l wanna enter, but not for prizes and stuff. Just for the love of writing, plus I always wanted to give a 80s movie a twist


wow that’s a great idea and I think it deserves to be boosted!


Thank you! I really think they should consider this. And it would also help us improve what we’ve done wrong :woman_shrugging:t3:


You cannot enter if you don’t live in the USA, UK or Canada.


Ok thanks :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


I agree :point_up:


Hey im pretty new to all this, but I just published my DD: Oh Loverboy! story and this is the share link I was given I hope that is correct… I think I filled the google forum out wrong can anyone help with that?


The contest sound fun but I won’t be turning 18 until September


If you filled it out wrong, I think you should submit a support ticket to contact the Episode team.


I will do that, i wasnt sure if it was just for app support… thanks winter!!! :grinning::hugs::heart_eyes:


To any forum administrator,
I so wanted to participate but I am not from the US or UK or Canada. But I am going to collaborate with my friend who is a US resident. Can I still participate?


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


Sorry of this is a stupid question but I released 5 chapters for my Dirty Dancing story a week or so ago but have only just realised that their isn’t a chapter summary for chapter 5, is it okay to add one in or is that not allowed until after the contest is over?


I find this a bit unfair, I didn’t know this and I have got many people to read my story already, now I believe that those reads will not count for my story and I don’t have a chance at winning…