Announcing our Dirty Dancing Creator's Contest!

It’s already announced.

Oh, oops.

When will we know the results?

I don’t know if that date has been updated to factor in the week long extension. I assume it has.


Okay thank you :slight_smile: xx

I wish episode would do another contest like this that has huge prizes like these. :eyes:


same! this topic popped up randomly and i thought it was a new contest :’) sad

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same, I saw it and then immediately my heart deflated lol


shut up i got scared for a second :sob: :joy::joy:

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Did i revive this topic on purpose? The answer is Yes. :relaxed:


Hey I think there’s been a mistake. It says that you have 8 weeks to publish, and the day the grand winner will be announced is August 24th, 2018. That’s a little bit confusing.

this contest is old. someone commented on the forum and it got brought up again

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That makes so much more sense now :rofl::rofl: thanks for the clarification!

Plsss :joy: and welcome to the forums”

OMG the heart palpitations!!! First, I could’ve cried because I have this plot that won’t leave and it has nothing to do with dancing, then that they didn’t include Australian residents, then that the due date was sometime in July or August. Didn’t even occur to me to check the year :rofl:

But, on that note, where is the next contest Episode? I’m dying to see what it is and trying to plan my schedule around it :’( Don’t leave us hanging! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :pleading_face: