Announcing Our Magicka Creator’s Contest Winners!

Oh wow! Em’s story was really amazing!! @DancingStories, congratulations! :heartpulse:


I think changed, because there were 15 before and there seem to be 15 still…
Of course, I’m terrible with numbers, so don’t quote me :crazy_face:

Maybe one story had broken the rules or something and they realised now?


This happened before. I believe someone got disqualified on the Clue shelf because they renamed an already published story so they (episode) replaced it with another story. I believe it was clue contest.


It was MDSava’s His Name is Rain. Unfortunately it used to be a Wattpad story before the contest, so I Guess that’s why it isn’t a winner anymore


Oh wow! :open_mouth: But I am incredibly happy for @DancingStories! Olde Moon is such an aesthetically pleasing story as well as having a fantastic plotline and characters – it’s well deserved. :sparkles:


I see :confused:


Wow! How do you know all this? :hushed: Thanks for the insight!

Definitely! Congrats, Em! :partying_face:

Now we wait patiently… :grin:

You are… incredible :sob:
You just deserve the world, Kheyr :pleading_face:

It’s slightly shocking, actually…


I believe someone mentioned it on the thread that’s announced the winners for the clue contest, either on here or it was on Instagram. I can’t exactly remember where.

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Congratulations to all the winners! :slight_smile: And also to everyone who entered with no less amazing stories than the chosen ones. :hugs:

Omg, you warrior princess!:joy::joy::joy:


Congrats to all of the wonderful winners!!! But especially my girl Em :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey, @Melani3 @Tyler

Can you please tell me why my story was removed from the Magicka shelf? Without any warning or letter?

If it has something to do with the Wattpad version, I removed it before creating an Episode version. So it exists now only on Episode. And the story which was on Wattpad had only 3 episodes which I didn’t even use in my Episode story. So the Episode version is a completely original story.


It doesn’t matter it is now deleted as it was published at some point so it is against the rules still. I’m surprised though that Episode hasn’t reached out to you, that’s kind of unprofessional on their part. :confused:


I support @MdSava
This was absolutely mismanaged and you should have discussed this with the author for clarification.
Shame on you, episode team.

I vote you keep @DancingStories on the winners panel in addition to returning Mary’s story to its rightful place on the magicka shelf.


Thank you, Ivy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Why did you remove MdSava’s story from the shelf? :joy::joy::joy:
Oh well, she doesn’t need your shelf anyway, she’s in a class with the clockwork hearts


Is it just me or has this contest lacked organisation for the most part? I mean, first we had the delayed results announcement, now a story being taken down without proper justification to the creator - what’s next? Cancelling all the entries and replacing them with Episode originals?
Get your shit together, Episode Team :roll_eyes:


I’m assuming that if you’d changed the title, no one would have even noticed. But I noticed on your IG that you still have posts for the Wattpad story with the same title. So I’m guessing someone saw this and either reported you or a team member saw it. Even if it’s no longer published now, it was still previously published and because the title is the same, I’m sure someone assumed it’s the same story.
They should have contacted you first, though.


I wonder how they heard about a deleted story that doesn’t even appear on Wattpad. To me, it just looks like Mary got attacked by some jealous losers.

Anyway, as fan of Mary’s work, His name is Rain is one of my fave entries and it will keep growing with or without that shelf! :heart: :heart: :heart:


Well, Mary said herself on her IG story that it was originally a Wattpad story before the deadline


It doesn’t matter if only three chapters were published and the content in those three chapters wasn’t used in the episode version, the simple fact it was a previously published story and not a NEW and ORIGINAL idea.
I think that if the title had been different, it wouldn’t be an issue, but because the title is the same, and the story was unpublished from Wattpad, it looks like a previously published story, especially when it is said to be a different version. The word Version notates the SAME story.