Announcing Our Thriller Creator's Contest Winners!

Hello Episodians,

It is my pleasure to announce to you all today the winners of our Thriller Creator’s Contest! We wanted to first start with a big thank you to everyone who participated. Without all of your contributions and passion we wouldn’t be able to have these contests. Without further a-do, here are your Thriller Contest Winners!

Thriller: Honey, I'm Home - by kw.episode
Thriller: Kissed by a Ghost - by Amephira
Thriller: Twisted Twin - by Naemi & Kat
Thriller: The Disappearance of Olivia Thatcher - by Ana Stacy
Thriller: GHOSTWRITER - by Elise C

And now for our winner for Best Directing :movie_camera:, drum roll please… :drum::drum::drum:

Thriller: Hello? - by :confetti_ball::tada::jack_o_lantern::partying_face: Evil Ebonni & Old Mate:tada::partying_face::jack_o_lantern::confetti_ball:

Thank you again to all of our contest winners and participants! Have a safe and happy Halloween this year everyone!


The Episode Team


Congrats everyone :heart:



Ahhh I’m so excited!!!

Congrats to all the winners. I read all the stories on the shelf and I really enjoyed them all.
I also read a LOT (and I mean nearly 50 lol) of entries and there were so many good ones! Congrats to everyone who entered.





Yay! Great job guys! Even if you didn’t win… I’m sure all the stories were great!


Thank you so much to anyone who’s read my story, and congrats to all the winners! I read every story that won and they were all great, but there were seriously a ton of amazing stories in this contest. It was so much fun, and I’m honored to be next to all of these great writers on the shelf!


Congratulations:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: to everyone, I think I have all the entries to read because I want to read them all…(it is still a list of 35 stories if I don’t forget one) If you want your story to be read you can leave your download link on My IG page zoekezoef_episode our mail it at so the app episode will go open, if I have a link here I get a blank page xxx

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Congrats to all the winners! I’ve read plenty of stories this time, and I’m actually sad that we only have 6 winners. So many other stories could’ve been there. This isn’t to question the results, of course, but to show appreciation to other authors. This was a very enjoyable contest for me.


Congrats everyone!!!

I’ve literally read & finished all of these stories except 1. Congrats

Congratulations @EliseC, @kw.episode and to all the other winners!!!


thank you doll!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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Congratulations again @EliseC & the other deserving winners :yellow_heart::pray:t5::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball:


Thank you! :grin:

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CAN SOMEONE HELP ME omg I’m trying to find this thriller I read and forgot to favorite it!!

Basically it’s about this girl from Tokyo or Singapore (can’t remember) who’s sent to a retreat facility because of her addiction to technology. Also she has insomnia and decides to take pills for it! I cannot remember the name of the story for the life of me

That sounds like Thriller: Wired Out