Announcing our Thriller Creator's Contest!


That sounds interesting :eyes:


ooh! what’s the name?


That sounds really good can’t wait to read it!!


UGH, not gonna make the deadline. I’ve got 3 episodes so far and I was planning 5… (completed) They had to create this contest as soon as school started back :frowning:


“Thriller: Best Served Cold”. I might not make it by the deadline…


Thank you.


Really? :scream: But why? :disappointed_relieved: I thought they look at the all the reads, plus the rubric score and reader engagement.
No one said anything about this kind of thing before. :thinking: Are you sure about it?

*It just doesn’t seen fair if it’s true. 🤷
@Liz , @Jesse , @Jeremy can you please confirm or deny this. :heart:


They also look at rubric score and reader engagement, but the purpose behind not counting reads before the deadline is actually to make it more fair. Otherwise, people who publish sooner will have an advantage over the authors who take more time to write their story and therefore have less time to promote it.


Liz has said it plenty of times. There’s a quote floating around somewhere on an old contest post. They don’t look at your total reads but at your reader retention.


Well It seems pretty fair to me since I’ve read alot of stories with like thousands of total reads but they didn’t even hooked me till the end of the first episode. :thinking: However, I’ve seen many stories on the app with like only a few reads but they did contain that wow factor and hooked me till the end due to interesting content provided to the reader.


Yeah it’s fair if it depends on reader retention, but it’s not fair if they ignored that retention as long as it’s before the deadline. 🤷


But… Those who read the story before the deadline, probably won’t read it again after it.
So based on what you’re saying, a writer can have say 100 reads, but will only count as 3 because only 3 people read it after the deadline.
I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t seem fair to me. 🤷


It is fair. Let’s take someone who published their story before the deadline and got 100 reads, now someone who posted their story on the deadline and got 100 reads too. The first person only got 10 reads after the deadline so it makes 110 reads in total. It would mean the first person beat the second one just because they wrote faster or because their backgrounds got approved faster. See it isn’t fair to the second one because it isn’t their fault maybe they had something important to do and couldn’t publish faster than the first one or maybe their backgrounds weren’t approved faster.


Me too I think


It’s a percentage and not total reads anyway. So if person A had 100 people read their story before the deadline but only 5 read it afterwards and all 5 read the story completely, then their retention rate is 100%. If person B had 100 people read their story after the deadline but only 50 people read all the episodes, then their retention rate is 50%. It doesn’t matter that they have more reads.


Ooooh, now I get it :+1:
Thank you so much for explaining :heart:


No problem :slight_smile:
Also, even though it’s recommended to post close to the deadline, there have been several past winners who posted a couple weeks before and clearly it didn’t set them back :slight_smile:


Amazing, thank you :sunglasses::+1:


So awesome! Submitted mine already…just need to complete it before the deadline :slight_smile:


So excited! This is the first time entering such a contest! I’m so happy that I gave it a try and did my best :slight_smile: