Announcing our Thriller Creator's Contest!


Omg wow I love the idea of your story :smiley:


Thank you!


Reading it as we speak and I LOVEE it!!


Lucky… I can’t make it…


The quotes

How stories are chosen:


They already mentioned it to you, but just thought that I’d add this in anyway ^^


Oooh :heart_eyes: Thank You sooo much :heart:️ you’re the best. :kissing_heart:


Will replays count towards reads/reader retention again after the deadline?


Will we get an email if we submitted it correctly? I’d hate to lose because of that.


Yes! You will get a confirmation email.
Make sure you check! A friend of mine never got the email and it turned out Episode never received her form so her entry was invalid :frowning:
Sometimes the form glitches I guess.


I just published my story :heart_eyes: Thriller: Rivertown Liars

One of your friends has a sin to confess. Find out who it is, before you’re her next victim.

By Chida


Sounds like an interesting read and the cover looks stunning!:purple_heart:

Oh man, I’m looking forward to checking out some of these stories :ghost:


Tysm :heart_eyes: The cover was made by ElenaStripe @ Instagram


I say that. I haven’t done it.


How’d you come up with such good ieas? <3


Looks great!
I’ll add it to my list to read after the deadline :slight_smile:

@ItzFarrah Often they come to me in dreams lol. Or I’ll have a tiny idea, or a fragment of an idea and then I’ll expand on it.


I really like how you guys conveniently left out the important fact that you don’t measure reader engagement until AFTER the submission window. I published mine like 3 days before. Now I feel like I sabotaged my own chance. Thanks, Episode. :roll_eyes:


Plenty of people who published before the deadline have won in the past so I don’t think publishing 3 days early will hurt you, but I agree that this is something which should be added to the rules as, although it’s been been mentioned quite a few times in the past, it should be stated somewhere where everyone can see it so there’s no confusion.


I’ve never entered a contest before so I have no context as to the rules and what has or has not been mentioned before, I simply read the rules and agreed to them. Nice to know people have published early and won though. :sweat_smile:


Ty :heart_eyes: Are u joining too?


As long as I can finish in the next 15 hours then yes :rofl:
(I should make it…)