Announcing our Thriller Creator's Contest!


I wanted to enter and started my first idea but gave up because I had new ideas. I never finished them :joy:


You can do it!!!
Drink lots of Coffee!!!
14 hours 35 minutes to go!!!
I believe in you!!


You can do it! :heart_eyes:


Hey guys,

I’m a newbie here, and I’ve just published my first thriller! It’s a noir short story, which is set in 1952. I’d be very grateful if you could give it a read!

Available via this link.



I know the deadline is like tonight lol, but the guides say not to depict murder. My MC murders someone in my entry but it isn’t seen but strongly implied, is that okay?


I’m not sure why people flagged this? I thought it was fine to promote our contest entries on contest entry threads?

Anyway, I think your story sounds interesting and I’ve already added it to my list to read :slight_smile:


Yeah, I thought it’s okay to promote our stories as well. Anyway, thanks for your support! :yellow_heart:


I would highly recommend creating a dedicated thread/topic for your cause as this is off topic. Thanks.


Took care of it :slight_smile:


That’s fine! Technically you can depict murder as long as it isn’t excessive, graphic, or glorified, so implied murder shouldn’t be an issue.


I wish I could submit my story… Can’t. The MC was mixed, it was a psychological thriller, had lots of diversity… Damnit, I’m about to cry. This was my first contest!


I published Thriller: From the Static! It’s a paranormal conspiracy thriller with optional/limited customization and your choice between two protagonists.

Check it out here!


Whoever that already did the Thriller contest and published their stories, please give me a lists or link that is already out so I wouldn’t be able to just type it in.

Thank you and wish everyone the best of luck!


Here’s my Thriller entry:

Description: You get kidnapped in the middle of the night by a complete stranger. Now, whether or not you survive is entirely up to you.

Character customization available as well as LGBTQ options!

I’m so excited to read everyone else’s entries. I loveee this contest theme so much!


I haven’t read any yet, but all the ones I’ve added to my reading list so far sound like thrillers based on the description :woman_shrugging:


Flag if off topic but I’ve seen other people post lol. I’ve just published my thriller entry (Imma sleep for a month now) Thriller: Till Death Do Us Part. Description: To get out of a satanic pact with your boyfriend, you murder him. When he turns up alive, you discover the ‘till death do us part’ bit was too literal. There’s multiple endings and CC.

I messed up some of the credit to creators for their overlays, so if anyone recognises one please dm me so I can credit them!


Title: Thriller: Where’s Joanne?
Psychological thriller with POC as main character. Story contains diversity in many forms. Little Joanne is missing and not till the end we know what happened to her. Will you hold on till the end to find enormous twist?

Story was written in 5 days! :heart:️ Give it a try. Link is here :heart:


Here’s mine, anyone feel free to check it out :blush:

Title- Thriller: Downfall
Description- You’ve only just become an American Star, when someone starts taking over your life. Can you figure out who it is? Or will this be your downfall?
Style- INK
Episodes-3 (complete)
EXTRAS-Customize Character, Choose Gender, Choices, Different endings


I would love to add my friend’s contest entry :skull::jack_o_lantern::black_heart:

Thriller: The Forest Party by Alexandria

Style: Limelight

Story description: An innocent dare on a Halloween party in the forest led to a game of survival. What will you do if life is only a matter of choice…‘your’ choice?

Link to Thriller entry here

P.S yes I added some cool decorations on the cover because I couldn’t resist, it was fun :rofl:

Hope you enjoy and good luck to each and every one of you in the contest!

Have a spooktastic day!!! :jack_o_lantern::skull::black_heart:


Hey @loveyourself don’t cry and beat yourself up over this!

You can still publish a story like that if you worked hard on it and didn’t submit it by the deadline ----> it doesn’t have to be part of the the Thriller contest ^^

There will be plenty of contests for you in the future to enter :smile::jack_o_lantern::sparkling_heart:

Happy writing! :heart: