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Presenting Thriller: Detenu

Every ten years, the underground city of Sarvana sends five prisoners to the surface to see if it is inhabitable. In three hundred years, no one has returned.
Choices Matter
Multiple Endings


Hey! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Make sure to check out my entry. It has 5 endings and character points.

Thriller: Darkness speaks

You are the only heiress to your grandmother’s fortunes. But in order to receive it you need to care for her till she dies. What dark secrets will you discover in her mansion?


Hi, Jeremy!

As you can see, the topic exists since the 4th of May. We are just kindly reminding everyone that we are still waiting for the answers that were promised to us almost half a year ago.



Which has nothing to do with this post :). Instead of spamming on unrelated topics please bump the one you already have listed for your cause. This will bring more attention to it and can be done once every 24 hours. Thanks again! Much appreciated.


Hi all,

If you like stories with multiple endings based on the choices you make, then you won’t be disappointed! :tipping_hand_woman:

Title: Thriller: Red Snowflakes

Author: Karen

Genre: Thriller

Style: Limelight

Story summary: Short story about a “Snow Killer” killing kids during Halloween. It’s up to you to find out who this “Snow Killer” might be. Be prepared to unlock secret passages to find out more about the characters. Each decision has a different ending! Do you have what it takes to save those children?



We’ve been doing that pretty regularly but, unfortunately, with no feedback since May whatsoever. If we had been given answers as promised we wouldn’t have to ask the same questions about how the contest works under a contest thread.

I hope you understand.

Otherwise, yet another contest will arouse questions and doubts when the winners will be announced — something we are trying to avoid as everyone deserves that their hard work is rightfully appreciated.

Please, address the issue as promised, that’s all we ask.


I’m pretty sure Liz did say something about it… Like it’s not easy for them to show all that stuff…


I can’t wait to read some of these stories honestly. They look good. The bad part about this is, my favorites is gonna be so packed up! :sweat:


Author: Elise C
Genre: Thriller
Style: LL
Summary: Murders are being written up on Rachel’s computer; murders that she doesn’t remember writing about. The strangest part? Those murders actually happened. *CC, 8 endings
Link: Click here


So I was wondering do people and writers know the difference between thriller and horror. Many ask me if my story is scary. Thriller doesn’t mean that story is scary, it means it leaves suspicious till the end. There are lots of Thriller sub-genres.

I believe not even Episode team knows the difference.

As I list the entries for the contest, I see, many have wrote Horror instead of Thriller.

But nevertheless… with Episode contests is always so: Stories win nevertheless, if they fit the theme or not. Depends on how many supporters writer has. :heart:️ So best luck to all :heart:


That’s what I was wondering, too. I think part if it is because the Halloween contest is normally horror OR thriller, so people either got mixed up or already had their horror stories planned out in advance. I’m still looking forward to reading the entries though, since I love both genres.


Just finished yours \o/


You’re the next one :sunglasses:


Horror/Thriller combos are not uncommon in movies so this wouldn’t surprise me.


Thanks! :black_heart:


Thank you… I was just so excited, you know? I’m really disappointed :slightly_smiling_face:


Done :sunglasses: It’s really good! MASTER OF OVERLAYS!


Thank you very much :smiley:
I’m glad you enjoyed it!
Did you enter?


haha i already know which authors are gonna win :joy:


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