Announcing our Thriller Creator's Contest!


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Thriller: Voodoo
By: Miumi.hp

A murder occurs in your school, people may blame you for it, and you may blame others.
Big troubles and strange things await.

Genre: Thriller.
(Keeps you on edge, wondering what’ll happen next throughout the entire story :wink:)

Endind: Three endings based on your choices.
Length: 3 chapters (fully released).

Directing: Very advanced, with sounds and music.


Enjoy :sunglasses: and feel free to take screenshots and tag me in them. @miumi.episode (on Instagram)

Looking for stories

:thinking::thinking: sounds lit


Thank you :sunglasses: I hope you enjoy reading it too :heart:


Can we PM about your story?:thinking:


Sure :blush::heart:


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You had a story, too?


Thriller: The Truth About Your Nightmares
Description: Your forgotten past comes to your dreams, now it’s your time to take the situation on your hands. cc choices matter different endings
Style: ll


Yup. It’s Thriller: The Tribe of Malapinchi .




Hi! I also made a story for this contest, worked really hard on it, so I would appreciate your read(s)! Hit me up on instagram @tiastories and I can read your entry as well!

My story:

Thriller: Shattered
Desc: There’s a killer ruling the school. Who will you save, or will you even be able to save yourself? Will you make it alive without getting shattered?
Genre: Thriller (duh.)
EXTRA INFO: The story is complete and has multiple different endings, based on your choices!
Ig: @tiastories



raises hand one of those stories would be me. I want to move it over to horror as soon as the contest ends.


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Good luck to all of the contest entries! & don’t worry if your story is horror and thriller, the genres go hand in hand! I had lots of fun writing Thriller: Kissed by a Ghost for this contest & ive read a lot of amazing entries! :blush::heart:


That looks epic :smile:


Bit late but finall going to read this epic-looking story now!! :heart_eyes:




Amazing story! Hope you win


I really hope you like it! :slight_smile: