Announcing our Thriller Creator's Contest!


Let the best detective win I guess :joy::sweat_smile:


I’m rooting for you, then :joy:


Same to you :kissing_heart::joy:


Hey, I can’t find the original post for the copyright rules so I’m wondering if I can reference a tv show in my story? The characters reference that one weeping angels episode from doctor who in the script I’ve written out. If it’s not allowed because copyright I get that, I’ll just reference the lesser known show, ‘doctor whomst’ ofc


do it!:raised_hands:


Thank you so much for the clarification! This is really helpful!


Thank you so much! It’s basically a supernatural thriller based on real events and an urban legend of where I’m from!


I KNEW IT! I SAID IT’D BE THRILLER!!! aha! Sorry I’m just so excited!! Finally!!! :smile:


Entering! :smiling_imp:

I was hoping it’d be longer than completed at 5 chapters but either way, so excited for this theme! :sparkles:


Hey @Jesse ,
the story doesn’t have to contain “Halloween”, right? I just wanted to be sure, before I write a Thriller, without Halloween elements in it. :smiley:


Okay thank you so much for replying


Thrillers are my specialty :smiling_imp:


I have a perfect story idea for this contest — but this 5 episode limit thing is really going to screw with my reader engagement, because they’ll be relatively longer chapters to tell the story :zipper_mouth_face::skull:


I was planning to quit Episode but instead I’m restarting! I can’t delete my stories but I can hide them from my profile because I don’t want anyone else to see my other horrible stories! I think I may have a good chance with this one :grin:


Same T-T


@Jesse can you have more than one author for this contest? Like a collab with someone else?


I’ve never written anything remotely thriller like, but I think I might consider it, I don’t know.

I also don’t know whether to do it in Ink or Limelight???


I’d suggest doing it in the style that you know best/whatever’s easiest for you to use, since it’s for a contest and you’re on a deadline.
That, or whichever one you think has the best animations/clothes to tell your story.


She already said yes :blush:


This is a brief list . . . it might help for what you are looking for?