Announcing our Thriller Creator's Contest!


I have the exact same problem :sweat_smile:


Maybe I’ll actually participate this time round XD


Can I add elements of sci-fi if my thriller takes place in the future?


Can we write more than 5 episodes after the contest deadline?


I might join this one. I pretty good at writing thriller/horror stories. I already published 2 before but that writer’s block is crazy right now.


@Jesse does the story have to be completely finished / solved or can it be continued after the contest is over?

Announcing our Dirty Dancing Creator's Contest!

Omg! Sounds amazing, I can’t wait for deadly awesome stories :shushing_face:


@Jesse On the link to What’s a thriller it said crime thrillers. Can we do those as well then?


She said you can continue your story after the contest!


almost done with first chapter


Yes, I’m so excited! I’ll definitely enter :slight_smile:


Oh damn…


That’s so weird The exact same thing is happening to me!


@Liz can we enter twice?


Liz is away on maternity leave, so she can’t answer you… but you can only enter once. Even if you enter with someone else, you can’t enter again on your own.


I’m doing a story about a girl’s inner demons being released into the world




I’m doing a crime story involving a murder mystery and town of secrets, just started writing this morning and though it was hard to know how to start I am enjoying it, its my first Thriller story :slight_smile:


Thank you!


@Jesse I was wondering if you could create an completed story for the contest but after create a Part two to it? Like a trilogy series?