Announcing our Thriller Creator's Contest!


Yes!! Just saw this! Im gonna start right now!


Are we allowed to participate if we ask for background characters from the community?


Hey i’m new in episode and come from Germany and i didnt really understood the link part is here someone from Germany and can explain it to me it would be really nice because i really want to enter


you know the search bar at the top? when you enter your story you have to put that link in.


Thank you♡


im pretty sure yes :blush: i did that too


I’m from Germany, but I guess your problem is solved. Am I right?


Hi also nicht wirklich aber ich wollte nicht unhöflich sein und nicht nochmehr nachhaken.Könntest du mir es nochmal auf deutsch erklären das wäre sehr nett.:heart::heart:


You’re so kind.


Thank you you made my day♡


I’m joining too :heart_eyes: I already finished the first chapter :purple_heart:


Wow, I would like to join. It’s just that I’m sort of a beginner. T_T


Everyone can join, beginner or not <3


This is only my 2nd contest and its my first thriller so I’m nervous about it too :blush:


@Jesse or anyone else who can answer my question,
are we allowed to slightly base the plot off a book if the concept is original?

Thankyou! xx


I was actually wondering about the same thing… :thinking::thinking::thinking:


I think that would be fine, just make sure the story is complete before the contest ends (1-5 chapters)
When the results are in, you can basically do with the story as you please.


Mine too… But I’m too lazy to get my work done. Lol!


how do you get readers e.g. I’m a new writer so don’t have many followers would this be a disadvantage?


just advertise your story (on advertising threads) and do r4r (on r4r threads) or you could make your own thread for those things