Announcing our Thriller Creator's Contest!


Haven’t released or updated a story for ages, so I guess I’ll get started on writing one for this contest. :heart_eyes:


The number of reads doesn’t matter, actually! What matters is reader retention, i.e how many of your readers actually finish the story


I’ve already given my story a title however I have since thought of a better title. It is not an old story so would I be allowed to change it or do I need to start again?


thank you


It sucks that the story has to be completed…


Why not @Jesse


Rules are rules bb 🤷🏾


Ok @Mary-P pp


'Welcome dd


Aww. That’s cute


I am so looking forward to getting mine finished, I’ve found a partner to help me do it as well now because I found myself getting distracted by other things, that is ok isn’t it?


I was told when this rule was implemented, that the ‘readers’ of the original story are more likely to read a sequel and such. It’s like starting with an already-set fan base.

However, this was like two years ago and my information might be outdated.

For re-titling, I assume it’s because the reader retention will be screwed up because yours might be much higher / much lower than the others. Whereas, new stories their reader retention can be heavily effected if a single person stops reading.


I know a few people in recent contests that had amazing stories but did not make the shelf due to the story being a spin-off/ sequel.


I’m feeling really conflicted as whether to do it or not. I want to because it will help take my mind off a lot of things that are happening but then again I don’t want to because I’m worried I won’t be able get it done in time and I’m also not very good at this. So I was wondering if anyone would reply and voice their opinion on what I should do. Only if you want. It would help me a lot if you did. Thank you.


If you have an idea and think you would enjoy writing it, then you should.
Even if you don’t make the contest deadline, you can still publish it as a regular story.
And even if you don’t think you’re very good at this, that’s the best reason to give it a try, because you won’t improve if you don’t practice!


Yay! I’m so entering. Sounds awesome.


If we submit the story as completed, but decide to continue it, can we do that?


Thank you so much. This really helped me, I think I’m going to enter!


After the results, sure :grinning: But the first part has to be complete


When is gonna end