Announcing our Thriller Creator's Contest!


We can enter the story til september 30


I’ll be happy to try!


My story is done, i cant wait til i can publish it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’m having anxiety. I’m scared that I won’t make it to the deadline… :sweat:


@Star-rae If you can i would love some art!


Thriller: Detenu is complete and I cannot wait to publish it on September 30th!

Every ten years, the underground city of Sarvana sends five prisoners to the surface to see if it is inhabitable. In three hundred years, no one has returned.

Choice between male or female main character
Choices matter.
Multiple Endings.

Trailers available on my IG profile.


Sounds lit!


What do I do?.. I’m so nervous!!! :persevere:


Umm do we need to publish it at 30/9 or whenever we want and 30 is just the deadline?


The 30th is just the deadline. You can publish it sooner, but none of the reads you get before the deadline will affect how your story does in the contest.


Thank you :v:t4:


i am not gonna be finish with my story. so i am just gonna save it for another time


OMG these stories sound so good! I’m scared now


Me too


I’m halfway done with the 1st episode, though. That should be good.


Im not quite half way through yet :confused: whats yours about? This is my description.

20 years ago a psychopathic teenager brutely tourchered and murdered 3 of his friends before burning himself to death in your school. Now on the anniversary of his death you and your friends decide to spend the night at school to see if his ghost really does walk the halls at night. But what seems like harmless fun turns into a hellish nightmare. Will you and your friends survive?

Please ignore any spelling and grammar issues I will be checking this before publishing!!


Mine. It’s a psychological thriller…

She was hurt. Rejected. Abused. They all hurt her. She was sick… Then she disappeared. But she came back, and had a gift: and it was best served cold.


That’s a very wise and motivated words to give out.


well so much for me doing a story for this lol :joy: idk how I totally didn’t get notified for this :grimacing:


I’m not making the deadline either lol. It should probably be out near mid-October at this rate… but I’m really happy with how it’s coming out.

It is 1931, almost 50 years after Jack the Ripper terrorized London’s Whitechapel district. As the country sinks into the Great Depression, bodies begin to pile up once more. While Detective Robert Williams tries to crack the cold case, his wife Emily must battle her own demons to unmask history’s most elusive serial killer.