Announcing Our Trending Creator’s Contest Winners! (Parody...?)

Hello Episodians,

As always, it’s a pleasure to announce the winners of our Trending Creator Contest! This is the most entered contest of all time, and we were amazed by a lot of entries! All winners scored 4.0 in grading! Thank you to all who participated the contest, without further ado…

Thank you again to all of our contest winners and participants! Congratulations! :confetti_ball:


The Crazy Contest Lady of the Forums

Announcement of The Creator's Contest and Rules

Hello Episode Creators,

It’s time for a new contest, so without further ado, I introduce you…

Your story must revolve around the app’s Trending Section. You can take inspiration from other stories but you may not copy them, you must take permission from the author.
The specific guidelines are:

  1. Your story must have “Trending” in the title. Stories without “Trending” in the title will be disqualified. While not required for entry it is strongly recommended that you format your title like this - “Trending: Bad Boy’s Queen” This will help readers search for your story and identify it as a contest entry.
  2. You must completely fill out this Google form after you publish your story. Be sure to include your story URL and NOT your share link. Your story URL is visible in the address bar of the web browser you use to access the Writer’s Portal and your script page. It should look something like this: (<- this part is very important, many, many people mess it up).

In the event that you send the wrong the link or make a mistake on your entry form, please send your story title, email address and the correct link in a support ticket so we can update your entry.

  1. The primary focus of your story should be tropes you would frequently see in the trending section. You do not have to write in any genre, all are acceptable.
  2. You may write in either Cinematic (full body, animated) or Spotlight (animated upper bodies) Styles or a combo of the two. You can use any art style you prefer.
  3. We would love to see diverse characters in your stories! For example, characters who are people of color, non-heteronormative, or are of varying religions and socioeconomic backgrounds, just to name a few! To read more about diversity and inclusion on Episode go here .
  4. The submission window is 8 weeks. Your story must be published no later than 11:59pm Pacific Time on Monday, March 25th, 2019.
  5. You may NOT use or re-title a previously published story. This must be a new and original work that has not previously been published to Episode or another platform. Sequels, prequels, spin offs, etc. are not allowed.
  6. If you are an official Episode Director or Partner you may enter the contest, but only with original work outside the scope of your contract with us.
  7. Be sure that your story follows our content guidelines and is suitable for a PG-13 audience. Stories that do not follow these guidelines or which violate our Content Guidelines may be disqualified and/or have their story banned from the app. If you are any doubts or questions about whether elements of your story fit with our Content Guidelines please contact the Episode Review team here . We are happy to help you with ANY questions you might have!
  8. Winners are determined based on highest levels of reader engagement , rubric score and fit to contest theme.
  9. There is no length requirement for this contest. You only need to have 3 completed chapters published by the entry deadline. Your story may be a complete short story or may be continued after. Because this contest has a chapter minimum you CAN publish new chapters after the deadline. However, you may not substantially alter or change your published chapters after the deadline (other than to make minor corrections).

Fixing typos and errors are allowed after the deadline for contest entries. This includes things like character or speech bubble placement, spelling / grammatical errors or typos. You may not: add options to your CC, change or update your cover art, add additional scenes, choices, dialogue, backgrounds or overlays. When in doubt ask Support before you make any changes. Once the winner’s shelf has been made public you are free to make changes or updates to your story.

  1. Remember to allow at least 3 business days prior to the contest deadline for your backgrounds, overlays and story cards to be reviewed. This means you should plan on submitting them no later than March 22nd, 2019.

OMG! Cannot wait to read them all :heart_eyes:


Seriously yes, low key wanna attempt something here. I really don’t know! :rofl:


Let’s enter MC contest with one of these djjdjsksks


But alas, I want to send something semi-serious. secretly plots to add satirically cliche scene as part of plot Hell, I’ll put in it. My story is basically Dream world


The more serious it is the lower chance you win :see_no_evil:


Seriously though, I might consider having a couple of cliche stuff considering LI’s backstory. Instead, I have another story idea which just so happen to fit this!


@ELx I was reading this thinking “Noooooooo!” because I thought you were creating an actual contest that you were going to hold and I am/was soooooooooo tempted to enter


DKdjjsksks I will never endorse trending stories you can trust me ksdjjdmdne


Hahaha, but I thought it was a parody contest. Like make a parody of a trending story. That’s something I could do


Too many people would be butthurt, I’m expecting some of them to come here and get this closed. It’s not like it didn’t happen before lol




I already know previous winners of the contests will be mad when i post the way to win contests skdkjsk


I’m kinda eager to see people to take this out of context, and think this is an actual Episode contest


That would be so funny :sob:


I have to ask, how did you find those covers? I love the Loving Assassin one!


They are all my ex stories :joy:


lol I love how the characters look exactly like every ink character/clone in every story :joy:




Is this real?

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