Announcing the Digital Dating Writer’s Contest!

Didn’t think you were at all :smiley:

I just usually try to clear things up because I have seen it come up before how I magically went back in time :rofl:



Will all contest entry be reviewed?
Or only the ones that became trending.

Mine wasn’t trending and got reviewed

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Mine haven’t been reviewed… I wonder why…:slightly_frowning_face:

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Clicks on your story

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Who told you you’re disqualified?

They told me on the support ticket. However, they also mentioned the times I changed CC in my story, and those times don’t align with PST and were quoted to me using some other time zone that’s ahead (possibly eastern), so I have no clue what to think. Because I did make changes to CC/gems/outfits, but it was about an hour or so before the 11:59pm deadline in pacific time.


Will winners be announced anytime soon? :face_holding_back_tears:

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Yes! We will be announcing the winners in the next couple of weeks. This contest had a little longer period than usual to be around Valentine’s Day.


:two_hearts:Winners :two_hearts:

:tada::tada::partying_face:Congratulations to all :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::tada::tada::partying_face:

image image


Congratulations winners :two_hearts:

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This is lovely made, well done! :blush:

Congratulations to the winners. It’s so amazing all of your stories that I’m starting to get wistful about how I used to have casual online dating. Of course nothing serious came out there, but there was a lot of passion. I wish I could write and fantasize like you…

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