Announcing the Double Life Writer's Contest

I believe that in similar quality you will not find anybody doing it for free.


But there are lot of people doing amazing edits for free and good edit is really good alternative for cove - in my opinion better than lower quality art.

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Can you please recommend some artists? I don’t know how I will be able to find someone who can make me a cover for free because I can’t pay.


I don’t think you’ll find high quality artists for free but there are many editors out there (such as myself but I’m not that good lol) who can make covers :sparkles:


As said good art is not for free.

If you want free cover go to art resources on the forum there are many artshops lot of them are doing relly good edits, which in my opinion are pretty good alternative. I dontknow them personally so I cant reccomand any specific. But they have always examples so you can see the quality they do offer.


@nayu.ep actually does chibi/cartoonish drawn art pieces which look really cute and they’re really amazing, if you’re okay with that style. I don’t know if she does covers, but you could definitely turn one into a cover by putting a title on it (after asking for her permission, of course.) Here is the link to her shop; she’s currently closed to catch up but she’ll probably be open again.


can a Dissociative identity disorder, also known as split personality disorder, consider as a double life story?

112 days to go. After our few days of fun, I guess it’s time to check in with everyone. How much have you written?

How much have you done?
  • Coding Chapter 1
  • Proofreading Chapter 1
  • Coding Chapter 2
  • Proofreading Chapter 2
  • Coding Chapter 3
  • Published Chapters 1-3
  • Coding Chapter 4
  • Proofreading Chapter 4
  • Published Chapter 4
  • Coding Chapter 5
  • Proofreading Chapter 5
  • Published Chapter 5
  • Coding Chapter 6
  • Proofreading Chapter 6
  • Published Chapter 6
  • Coding Chapter 7
  • Proofreading Chapter 7
  • Published Chapter 7
  • Coding Chapter 8
  • All done and published!

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There’s no option for no Coding done. :raised_hand:t3::sneezing_face:


Yess :sob::sob:. I haven’t even created the characters in the portal :sob:


Lol. And here I was thinking I’m the only one who has been stuck at the same flashback scene for 2 days and is s l o w. :blob_turtle:


I only have the beginning CC! :sob:

Day 01
Day 02
Day 03

Random Quote of the Day! (03 of 115) =…

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and its better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. Marilyn Monroe

Planning/Coding Tip of the Day! (Day 03 of 115) =…

Try get 2/3 scenes done a day to help with having time closer to the deadline to correct any errors/mistakes, get your story proof & beta read, get all backgrounds/overlays used approved in time, add any extra scenes u want to and anything else u would like to do (:

Random Quote of the Day! (04 of 115) =…

Love the life you live. Live the life you love. Bob Marley

Coding Help of the Day! (Day 04 of 115) =…

Most people know about the readerMessage that u can add when coding stories, but some people are not aware that u can add a title to these messages so…

Coding =…

readerMessage (your message goes here) with messageTitle your message goes here

readerMessage (your message goes here) with messageTitle your message title goes here

readerMessage (you message goes here) with messageTitle (your message’s title goes here)

Code Examples =…
Example #1) readerMessage Hiya! =…


Example #2) readerMessage Hiya with messageTitle Good Morning!


Example #3) readerMessage Hiya with messageTitle (Good Morning!) =…


Times Posted =
Day 01 = Around 23:00 (11pm) on the 05/04/2021
Day 02 = 11:09am on the 06/04/2021
Day 03 = 17:01 (05:01pm) on the 07/04/2021
Day 04 = 16:30 (04:30pm) on the 08/04/2021


Wow, I’ve seen many people doing intro outro and all of that first… Idk how you guys do it but hats off! I prefer to have the chapters first and then get into the messier aka most annoying parts :joy: that way I feel easier


I haven’t added CC yet because I don’t have my menu ready and don’t wanna mess that up.
I usually do it in the beginning because I simply have to copy the template from Dara’s site and make the necessary changes and it was sort of a self satisfaction to see so many lines of code. :rofl: :lol: (That’s probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever said)
I am right now trying to adjust the zoom in such a way that it looks good but guess what? I cannot get the timing correct even after so many tries. :sob: :sob: :sob:
Gotta keep trying till I get it right I guess…


Damn same I do he intro, outro at last, mainly coz I can have a story without intro outro but can’t without the main script and scenes. I tend to add cc at last main reason is that the higher amount of lines your story has the higher amount of internet is used, and I tend to save my internet a lot :sweat_smile:


I have an idea, but I’ll have to wait until this weekend to start writing 'cause the university is going nuts with the homework :pensive:

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@NancyM, you have all 8 chapters done and published?!?


Possibly stupid question but…is it supposed to be a short story limited to only having the full 8 episodes published by the deadline or can we continue with as much as we want? And could it be a short story if we wanted it to be?


We can continue the story.