Announcing the Fairy Tales Contest!

:wolf: Cover is edited by me
:wolf: I will not post a description for my story. But the sneak peaks will be posted on my IG
:wolf:My story is inspired by The Little Red Riding Hood
:wolf:Genre: Thriller/Fantasy/Romance
:wolf:My IG: @bellewritez for sneak peaks and updates


As the deadline is 14 January. So @Melani3 if I posted it a day or two ago will the reads gained before the deadline count


Thought I’d put this here real quick. Description of my upcoming story, FT: The Emperor! More info will be coming soon! :blob_hearts:

Don’t forget to drop your titles in the reading list thread:

✨ Fairy Tales Contest Reading List ✨ :blob_turtle:


@Melani3 can I mention in which fairytale my story is based? Like this? image


I think reads and retention only count after the deadline to give everyone fair chance!


Since it’s the weekend and she’s probably not working this late, I’ll answer you. lol
Yes you can put what your story is based on. Yes you can put it like that, it doesn’t matter really.
If that’s for your cover, yes. Also you can put it on the inside instead/ also if you like.
I hope that answers your question.

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I love this!

include the name of the author of the original as well just in case. only if u want to.

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Soooo I definitely should be studying for finals, but why not write a whole new contest entry instead? Anyways, here’s a quick sneak peak! More info is soon to come

:gear: Born from nothing, Elise is willing to lie her way to the top. After all, what does it mean to be human when a kilo of flesh and a kilo of steel weigh the same?

:gear: Based on the legend of Al-Nadirah and The Princess and the Pea

:gear: 2 MCs, 1 LI, choose LI gender

:gear: Choices affect the ending!

:gear: Genre: Scifi/drama

:gear: Insta: @calli_epi


Hewwo everyone, my apologies for the lateness!

Here’s my reading list for this contest! Click the Hyperlink!

Fairy Tales Reading List

This is also shameful self-promotion of my future story, FT: Blossoming in the Snow :bouquet: :tulip:

:cherry_blossom: This is based on the story The Flower Queen’s Daughter and loosely based upon the myth of Hades & Persephone (inclusion of fellow other myths) :cherry_blossom:


@EPIC_ICE thank you so much for your response :pleading_face:You helped me a lot​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I use this in my intro.


That’s actually what I was thinking. Add “By Charles Perrault” too :see_no_evil:

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Me myself; I choose Red riding hood.

How many people choose
  • Snow white
  • Beauty and the beast
  • Cinderella
  • Pinocchio
  • Red Riding Hood
  • Fox (Japanese)
  • Robin
  • Rapunzel

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My first time doing poll, idk it’s work or not.


No probs.Nice! That looks amazing.

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Mine isn’t any of these :see_no_evil:

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ah I seee (and no worries I’m not xD)

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mine is none and the poll works just fine :wink:

I’ve finished a draft of my first chapter :tada: :tada: :tada:

I’m quite happy with it, I haven’t added music yet, but I tend to leave that until before I publish because it takes forever to search through the music library.

How are you all faring with your stories?


Agreed. A lot of us never get to finish in time or can’t even find the time to enter some. Or we might not even like the prompt so its good to know one is right around the corner that we can enter. That’s why I’m so shocked when I see authors joining every contest. Like, how are you guys completing every contest story and I can barely complete one? :rofl:


So, is it necessary for the author to choose an old folk story or fairytale? Or can I make a fairy tale of my own? Also, what classifies as fairy tale? A happy ending? Can anyone pm me? I have a lot of questions.