Announcing the Keep Playing Games Contest

Give them time, because they’ve been working on the update for animations after getting entire feedback from the community. But, if u want to send a ticket, go ahead.

I got banned from the app today and I have no idea why, but I didn’t think of this, it might be a glitch and they will probably not answer soon, but as long as the animations fix I’m fine with that!


Send a ticket to the team, hope they say something.


Which I understand, but the deadline is literally 10 days away, not sure how much longer one can wait. I get they have other priorities but the lack of communication with the contest is just… :unamused:



just look at how quickly they responded on the thread about the animation update 2 days ago (and how quickly they rolled it back as well) compared to how long we’ve been waiting for a couple of responses

hopefully we have our questions answered before the 27th at least


Yeah I know, but hopefully, they will say something before the deadline hits.


I truly apologize for the delay in getting back to everyone and their questions. I know this can be frustrating especially with such a tight timeline. Hopefully the below captures everything y’all were curious about.

Will function similarly process wise to a normal contest. Please see the Determining Winners section of the original announcement.


Yes, there will be.


Yes, story can be cowritten, but any prizes would be split between both authors, provided both meet the qualifying entry criteria. If the story were to win, yes both authors would be invited into the commissions program.

Only the winning story would be moved to the Episode XOXO platform.

Yes, you can finish it with less if it does not win.

Nope. See contest rules above. This will follow normal contests where you can’t update until after Winner is announced.

Brand, Copyright, and trademark rules are the same as what they are for our normal guidelines on the Episode Platform. If for some reason, if this did make it into a story, this would not be grounds for disqualification provided it’s an isolated incident and not a plot point, but we would ask that you update the image(s).

Yes, author names typically stay attached to a story.

As we showed in the examples given in the contest intro section, we would like stories to focus on more of a video game theme, but you could also do something with board games (think something like Jumanji). We don’t discourage any entries that might come in about sports, but they don’t necessarily fit the theme criteria.

Yes, the prize will be awarded to only one winner, and no to nominees.

Not sure I understand what you are asking. Could you please clarify?


How are you guys doing?
Almost done with the 3 chapters?
Just wanted to check in :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t5:


i was half way through chapter 2 and had all 3 chapters planned out but it turns out that i have a uni exam next week which i completely forgot about so i’m most likely going to drop out of the contest to prioritise revision :smiling_face_with_tear:

i had so much fun preparing for it and i wish everyone the best of luck :relaxed:

(hoping to have it released on Valentine’s day instead :crossed_fingers:)

wbu? x


Good luck for your exams😇

I am almost done with chapter 3, I need to code 2 more scenes and add music👌🏾

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I just finished episode 3! Now I have to check everything on the app but I hope I can publish tomorrow :relieved:

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That’s great🤩
When you publish, send the story details so that I can check it out😊

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Yay! I just publish my story Gaming: Endgame - link to story on Episode

Story description:
As a fanatic gamer & wannabe writer, you get the chance to develop a game. Will challenges of your ADHD get in the way? What if fantasy, virtual reality and real life get mixed up?


im definitely reading, so cool!


Let me know what you think of my story after reading!

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Let me know who published their entry, then I can make a list of all entries and maybe do R4R?

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Ofc :slight_smile:

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If I had seen this sooner I totally would have. But I’m seeing this today, so that sucks for me! I would have loved to enter this. Who knows…:thinking: maybe I will go ahead and go through with the story idea I came up with! :smiling_face::hugs:

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Don’t let missing a contest stop your idea :slight_smile: I vote write it anyways if it’s an idea you like :slight_smile:

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I hope I’ll be on time with everything (risky, but I’m waiting for 2 content approvals), but for now, I posted the trailer for my entry on Instagram. If you would like to check it out, that would be awesome.

ig: @glitch.writes