Announcing the KISS & TELL Creator's Contest

Small author here!
Here’s my story…
K&T: Times Square
Fireworks and butterflies fly, after a random encounter with a soldier in Times Square. You never thought you’d see him again, until that innocent kiss goes viral after the war! | FULL CC except for the LI’s skintone due to the use of overlays.


New author :blush:
Author: WNVT
Story: K&T: Seventh of Soul


Until you were cursed, you believed your bad luck wouldn’t win. Doomed to a race against time, fears, and the Devil, you have to save several souls, including your broken one.

Only had time to post it here now :sweat_smile:


That first episode was AMAZING! I can’t believe his mom would do that, but I’m sure she has a reason.

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Would anyone do a 3 chapter R4R with me please if you have the time.
You’ve always been a good girl, one to follow the rules and live by a moral and sacred code content with your life and the direction it is heading

Until one ‘kiss’. One truly amazing forbidden kiss, creates a knock on effect that completely disrupts your life

Funny how one kiss can hold the power to bring you to your knees, In every way imaginable

Will you dear to take this emotional journey?

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: K&T Breaking the Habit

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Omg! I’m so glad you liked it:D Thank you!

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This contest is honestly discouraging. There’s a lot of well known authors who’ve already gotten thousands of reads. And they already have millions of readers. Most of us don’t even stand a chance!


At least we tried.


Everyone seems to be promoting based on friendship.

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yep yep. I’ve read some honestly good stories but have barely any reads. Then I see some very popular writers who’ve amassed millions of readers just easily get the spotlight and those good stories get shoved to the back.

But yeah at least we tried. :tipping_hand_woman:t4:


I know I am not entering a romance genre contest next time for sure lol

I know how you feel. If it’s any consolation, I thought your story was awesome and I love Neoni!

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:sweat_smile: thanks very much. So was yours. I love the punch and the hotel clerk just quietly lurking.

All of the stories I’ve read thus far have been awesome. I haven’t been disappointed yet.


I’m again so worried, my reads just aren’t going up for some reason. It makes me really sad because I worked so hard on it.


Don’t get dis-encouraged. So many big names joined the contest so hopefully people will read our story in the next days,



But hey, there’s a new art release today…

Send me your story! I’d be happy to read & promo it on my insta! :slight_smile:

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Remember, reads don’t matter really in the contest sense. Yes, you need to get 100, but it’s all about reader retention. Just because a story has more reads doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll do better than one that has less reads reader retention wise.
Pay attention to people asking for recommendations. People all over Instagram and the Forums have been and I honestly believe that’s the reason I’ve garnered the reads so far (that and @Zey is my publicist :joy:).
Do read for reads with each other, promote on Insta if you have it, promote on the forums, etc.


My insta is @pika18.episode

It’s called K&T: Cursed Rings
The link is on my Linktree
Thank you xx :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

It’s not about the winning :heart:

Yeah I know we all are discouraged when we see we don’t stand a chance.
But don’t look at this contests as a way to win a place on the shelf. Take it as opportunity to have another - short - story finished, and a reason to promote yourself as a writer - and a new story which will add you reads to your total number.

This is also a chance for us small authors to connect, help each other, knit new friendships :heart:


I’m reading and promoting my faves. Drop your stories in this instagram post.

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