Announcing the LDR Writer's Contest!

It’s always a nice thing to write real-life stories with your own touch :blush::sparkles: Wish you all the best!


Hello lovelies! I am working on my LDR entry now and in order to avoid continuing my coding and to become the ultimate procrastinator…I would love to hear what all of your stories are about!! Mine is called LDR: Star Crossed and it is about you joining an intergalactic dating app that connects people from across galaxies!!


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So happy to see that I am not the only one still on chapter 2!! I keep stressing about not finishing in time as the deadline is during my end of year exams!!


Mine is called LDR: The School Of a Long Distance Relationship and is about a girl which is suddenly moving to another continent to live with her mom, leaving everything behind, including her boyfriend. She wants to keep their relationship alive but I will depend on reader if she succeed :wink:


I am on episode 3 but still stressed because damn…coding mini games is more stressfull​:persevere::persevere::persevere:

I hope you do not take my comment seriously. But I suggest to you make a short title so people can remember easily. That is too long. Please Dont feel offended cause, :sweat_smile:


Thanks for your opinion but I’ll leave it like this because this title says a lot about plot and changing it would cost me more changes than I have actually time for, ex. looking for new artist with open commissions to do cover or changing whole plot :slightly_smiling_face:

lmao same i’m just stuck on finishing dialouge for chap 2 so at least i’m not that behind :joy:

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:rainbow:Anything is possible in the wild and ever-changing '70s. Especially when a New York college student, hears a British rock hit from their own writings to a pen pal. What’s next? :kissing_smiling_eyes: :v:

The story includes:

  • Full CC of MC, Family, and LI
  • Preferred Pronouns
  • Mini-Games
  • Achievements
  • Timed Choices
  • 4 Endings (Choices Matter)

The story will have sneak-peeks coming tomorrow or Friday.
Sorry for the horrible cover quality, it was my first time ever editing. :point_right: :heart: :point_left:


I forgot to say that beta-reading will be starting on Friday the 13th. :rainbow: :sparkles:
So if you guys would like to beta-read that would be amazing!!!

thank you so much means a lot, The couple I’m writing about are so nice. with my own little twist and so far what I’ve written I find upsetting

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Mine is done! I’m looking for a beta-reader who can do it fast so I can publish it soon. Please PM me if interested!


Here are my official entry details :heart_eyes:

Title: LDR: Star Crossed
Genre: Romance/Sci-Fi
Description: In a world where intergalactic communication is the norm, you decide to join a dating app that connects people from across galaxies. Will you find love among the stars or are there some distances that not even love can conquer?

Instagram: @raven.writes.episode


Looks great! And the description sounds intriguing :star_struck:

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Thank you so much!

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Mine is out now!

Title- LDR: Showstopper
Description- An international pop star, you never expected to love with a retail salesman. You are finally feeling this love you’ve been writing about your whole life. CC, LL, choices matter.


Hey guys, Just gonna drop it here.
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My best wishes are with y’all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


share your entries with me on instagram so that i can read them when the reads count. :two_hearts:


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