Announcing The Outline Contest Winners!


Welcome Back everyone! I am here to announce the winners of my outline contest. To start of all of your entry’s were amazing…I had such a hard time deciding! I hope none of you get discouraged if you do not win. There will always be another contest coming up!

Now let’s announce the winners!

3rd Place Goes To…


2nd Place Goes To…




Congratulations to everyone! I had a fun time hosting this and I hope you did too!

I would like to know your opinion on how this out line contest went! So if you don’t mind please answer these polls;)

Was this enough time to complete your outline?

  • It was perfect!
  • I need more time!
  • Less time is good with me!

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Would you join again?

  • Yes
  • No

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Did you like this outline?

  • I loved it!
  • I was not digging it.
  • It was ok!

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Thanks to everyone who joined!

If you are interested in the prizes you won…please pm me!




Ofc hope you had fun:)


I had tons of fun OMG
Hope you do anoyther one soon


I definitely will…a lot of people seemed to enjoy it:)


Congrats @Chesirekitten101 you did great and @kalizzza will be shock lol


Congrats @Kalizzza abd @Rac5hel


I also enjoyed it to I love these outline contest so I’ll always join


Yay I’m so happy!


Thank you :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


at least I entered the contest instead of being bored lol


I love the winners outlines! Yayaya


You did amazing…you were so close to placing! It was really hard to decide!