Announcing the Risk and Reward Writer's Contest

Hi! Do you take commissions or free requests?

Edis are free :blush:

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No, I wondered the same. This was the answer:

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Pretty sure they have tondecide to take the risk in episode one, so if the episode ends with “Yes, I am taking this risk” for example, I think its fine.

I’m so bad at timing :joy: I’ve been thinking ,shall I? Well I’ve just decided yes ! I’m entering this one. And I havent even started yet :open_mouth: should I be scared ? :joy: this will be my third story so I can get an episode done in about 3-4 days :thinking: . It can be any genre right ? So I’m ok to make it fantasy :vampire:‍♂


omg I just realized this contest is already a month old?? For some reason I thought it had been announced yesterday. Better start writing :persevere:


Same here im just about to start today :face_with_hand_over_mouth: good luck writing we’ve got about 3 week left :writing_hand:… easy :joy: xx

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You can get a whole episode done in about 3-4 days?! :anguished: that’s how long it takes me just to create outfits for the MC :woman_facepalming:t3:. I procrastinate, overthink and get so indecisive. I’ll be working up to the last second and may or may not make it on time :sob::sneezing_face:

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I can, but I am terribly unorganised . I make characters up as I go along. Same with outfits. I make them as I need them . Also I write all the story dialogue on an email then copy and paste it onto the portal as and when I need it . 3-4 days is ’ good days’ if I get an error or something is not quite working right then I have a breakdown and it can take a lot longer . :woman_facepalming: . Xxx

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Title: R&R: Hex Me Heriath
Genre: Fantasy
Author: @episode_.s
Description: Enough of being a ruler of hell, why can’t I be the ruler of heaven too? Let me entrap Zeus so seductively he will willingly give me his throne…it’s simply a matter of time -H.

If you love Greek Mythology, be sure to check this story once it’s published!
You can follow on Instagram @episode_.s for updates and sneak peeks


Finally putting it on here :joy:
Title: R&R: Solitaire Sombre
Genre: Probably romance? I’m not 100% sure yet
Description: After moving across the globe for a decade now, Fallon - a skilled assassin, needs to prove her worth to lead the family mafia. But what will happen when she crosses paths with someone from her past? Will they remember each other? Will her secret identity be revealed? (Desc by @marcosimp) (needs to be altered slightly still)


3-4 days?! Lucky you… I’m working on episode… one :joy: even though I started when it was announced
*pauses for a moment and realizes how behind she is


You’re not the only one :sweat_smile:

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Good to know! :slight_smile:

Lol I am so unorganized too! I write all the dialogue in notes on my phone when it comes to mind then email it to me and try to copy and paste it into the scenes it belongs too but I always get ahead of myself so I have dialogue for the ending and way later chapters mixed in with it and scene dialogues continued in other notes :exploding_head: it’s all over the place. :crazy_face: Lol the worst error is that bracket missing one after so much has been coded then I’m like Noooo! :scream: scroll scroll scroll. :skull: Building muscle on my fingers and eyeballs trying to find where I forgot one. 🥲

Well best of luck with your story! :four_leaf_clover: :sunflower: :dizzy:


Title: R&R: The Vacation
Genre: Mystery, A little bit of Comedy
Description: You decided to take a week off and go on vacation with your best friend and a group of strangers. But you don’t what risk you did in this vacation. (still not official description)
If you want to see the sneak peeks check my instagram @maewrites.ep


This sounds so interesting! Just a slight recommendation— it’s a tad bit hard to see the font, so I’d advise a brighter color, or a white text underneath as a outline/shadow! :blob_hearts:


Hello! I have a suggestion for a contest theme: reality shows. I think it would be nice to see people getting creative with that.
Like bachelors, baking off, masterchef, design, singing, big brother, survivals…


Hello! Here’s my entry:
Title: R&R: The Dreamer in Me
Genre: Fantasy, Drama
Summary: Nina went from a poor orphan to a big-shot CEO. Now, she practically rules the world, until she is called to the 2nd time dimension, a place where the Dreamers live. The Dreamers run Earth and there are 10 of them. But one of them dies, and Nina is the chosen one. She accepts the challenge, but what will she lose when she has to rebuild her life as a Dreamer?
The Dreamer in Me Cover

Thanks to the talented and wonderful @/melaniesmall for the beautiful cover! :blob_hearts:


My Entry Information =

Name = R&R: The Path of the Unknown

Description (Not 180 characters yet) = You find out someone is after you when they mistake you for someone else, will you decide to run or hide in plain sight? Can you keep below the radar yet in plain sight, all whilst unveiling the person they mistook you for? What will happen when your search leads you to a deep secret that was you were never meant to find?

Genre = Mystery (Includes Fantasy & Areas of Romance)

MC = Male (Kingsley)/Female(Reina) (Reader Choice)

LI = Male(Kingsley)/Female(Reina) (Opposite to the whichever is chosen as the MC)

Includes = Full CC (Including Body Type excluding eye colour), Mini-Games, Tappable Overlays, Maybe Advanced Zooms, Diversity, Important Choices That Impact The Story, Outfit & Hairstyle Choices & Speech Bubble Movement!

Author = @m.h.c.episode = Instagram

  • M_H_C_Episode = Episode Interactive App