Announcing the Talent or Curse Contest!

Interesting, interesting… No time at all but this siren story needs to come out…

@Liz is it possible to make it a rule that you can’t use ‘skip the episode’ in these stories? (Where it’s coded so people skip to the last line of an episode without reading the entire story). I’ve seen it before where people are able to up their retention by getting their friends to quickly skim episodes without actually reading, thus allowing an advantage. Not everyone who uses this feature of course does it for that reason, but disallowing it until the judging period is over will ensure no misunderstanding. Or, if that’s not possible, that you consider more than just the first episode in terms of retention to stop people purposefully messing with other author’s retention levels? (E.g. people purposefully clicking onto a story then exiting to lower it). Or, if not even that, that retention is the end factor, not the beginning, when it comes to which stories are read by the judges.
I know this sounds horrible to even have to suggest, and for the vast majority of contest entrants, this isn’t even an issue because they do the right thing, have integrity, and trust in their stories. Contests are supposed to be fun, and most people I know who enter are fantastic. But sadly, it has still happened in the past, and I think a lot of amazing stories are missing out of just being read by the judges each contest because of unfair play when it comes to the retention factor. I can only speak for myself here, and I’ve honestly typed this out a few times now because it just sounds bitter every time I do (my sincere apologies) but I think contests would be a lot more enjoyable for everyone if our hard work was paid off with at least an equal chance at showing you what we can do :smiling_face:

Nevertheless, I am looking forward to reading what everyone comes up with, and maybe entering (even though there are a million stories to still need to complete :sweat_smile:)


same im lowkey sad abt that I have a story im writing around that theme… but understandable howd they want to do a contest around a popular genre


I am actually HERE for this theme :llama: love me a power discovering MC … I can never get enough fantasy
I reckon someone could spin a halloween theme on this - if so I will be your first reader :heart_hands:


I am 100% entering this


@Liz Does this talent or supernatural ability have to be something their born with or already have at the beginning of the story or can it be gained within the first few episodes? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sweat_smile:


@Liz i have a story i’m already plotting out and i’m thinking maybe with it i could enter the contest but i’d like to know, does my mc having a unique and mysterious type of blood that is very alluring to the vampires around her and makes them rabid count as a supernatural ability?


I’m reading a new story out that has that same type storyline you describe , called forever midnight

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Does it count If the MC is a normal person from another world kinda with superpowers?

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I think it would be. As long as you have the element of fantasy where the MC has a strange ability that can be classified as a super power then I’d think it should be fine.

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I’m really fighting myself to not enter right now!!!
Why do I have to be such a sucker for fantasy???
But again, why the romance? :melting_face:

Who’s entering?

  • Definitely!
  • Still thinking
  • If there weren’t romance needed…
  • Too much episodes for me
  • I’ll pass
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I’ve created an informal group support chat for this contest if anyone would like to join (on Instagram). If you have been in one before, you know what they’re about, but if you haven’t, they’re basically a chat where entrants can seek help and advice for their stories, hash out plots, ask questions previous contest entrants might know the answer to to save time, etc, etc.

My Instagram is @whitewave91.episode if you are interested (even if you’re still considering whether or not you’re entering, or just a super excited reader wanting to get the ins of entries before they’re released lol) :smiling_face:


can you add me as well?
@adawrites on instagram


This is nice :slightly_smiling_face: I haven’t been in a contest before, will try out though I’m not expecting much :heavy_heart_exclamation:


:clapping: I agree with everything you wrote, here.

This actually happens more often than it should, and it’s disgusting behaviour!
Not only does it make the contests unfair… but it also means that fantastic stories are missing out on what would be their rightful place on a shelf, if people hadn’t have purposely messed with their retention.

And it’s for these very reasons that you stated, that I think the only way in which contests will ever actually be fair… is if they used a panel of judges [from the Episode Team, only] judging the contest entries, themselves.


Episode, you know what would go great with this contest? New fantasy assets :eyes:

This contest sounds almost perfect for the next story I have in my drafts, but I’ve already got eight chapters scripted and no room to add diamond branching :upside_down_face:


Seeing how many people have mentioned wanting more fantasy assets, I have currently got a suggestion box on my instagram story
@ cheyaraskadi_writer
For people to drop ideas for backgrounds/overlays that they might like to see/or need etc for their entries (or that just fit the theme) and I will then try and make some of these suggestions up for my drives :blush:.
So, if you’d like to drop some ideas, go ahead!
** If you don’t have Instagram, DM here


You know what would be great… IF YOU GAVE US NEW ASSETS TO GO WITH THESE CONTESTS!!! It’s very limiting to have ideas with no new outfits and props and such


@Liz so does it have to be a super natural ability or can it just be talent? Like, e. g MC is a singer, who enjoys living her dream and is superstar no. 1 because of her unique voice, while “curse” is that she doesn’t have any freedom anymore and she misses being “normal”?


I’m passing because romance is required/needed so I vote for pass. lol