Announcing the Winners of our Double Life Writer's Contest!

My fav was Arrhythmia by @himeji.episode


It was great! If you have insta definitely follow episodecreators and recommend it for a shelf when they are looking for suggestions!

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In the previous contest like the squad contest they had 15 winners. The others had 12 winners. Is it humanly possible to add 3 more winners? (I know I’m talking to myself lol. But it’s worth a try). Preferably the ones with the less reads, please. Thanks. God will bless you. :grin:


I agree as well with you not only because I’m a small author but because I read some pretty good entries from small authors. Unfortunately, they didn’t receive much as well because no one saw them.
Congrats to the winners of course but I don’t think that’s correct for the others.


I’m super late (as always :sob:) but congrats to all the winners :clap: So happy to see @ksenia.stories up there eheheh


I’m replying to comments above.

First the retention. It is true, that big writers get more reads, because they have a big readers base. But that’s just one step of how to win this contest. They will hit the 100 number of reads in 2 minutes while a small writer will struggle for 2 weeks.

In the past contests we have seen many times that small authors with no readers base managed to win, so it’s obvious it’s not hard to hit the retention!

But if we’re being fair and honest, the rubric is hard to win!

Most of the writers who enter the contest have a good developed plot, they have advanced directing.

But can we compare to them? I know I’m good at all that, but comparing to them I’m still a beginner.

And the last, again: the WOW factor which is on the top of the rubric. And that is the hardest to reach.

Yet, the winners scored them all! :heart:

But those who entered and didn’t win, should not give up. Because with every story we write, we learn more. And who knows, maybe the next contest will be yours! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


As it was explained to me reading story for contest evaluation and reading it for approval to be seen on the app are 2 different things.

Every story above 100 reads will be read by episode and evaluated in the rubric score ( rubric score is internal episode proces and has nothing to do with readrs and reads)

But reviewing the story happens ony if you reach top 100 in genre or if they want to shelf your story. So that you dindt got your story approved doesnt mean they havent read it during contest. It means they just decided to not to put you on dhels and you havent reached the top 100 to be reviewed automaticly ( this is not related to contest, every story got approved sutomaticly after hitting the top 100 in genre)

And that your story was liked by the one who have read it… there ware 90 stories in the contest. And most of the stories ware really good. So even liked by your readers doesnt automaticly mean it was one of the best entries. The competition is realy big.
Also if you have more than 400 reads you can check your retention … I also god only good feedback, but retention of my 1 chapter was below everage.:woman_shrugging:

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It can reach top 100, but it will stay there and won’t go further on the app, and the max you can see on the portal is 101 or N/A which means that the story is queued for the review. In reality, the true rank of the story can be even the top 10 (if gems and reads are good enough for that), but you won’t see it until the story will get a review.


100 reads is ONLY for contest and its for EVALUATION of the contest entry not for REVIEW

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Once you hit 100 in genre it freezes there and epidode will review it.

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Hey I’m know you like just did I contest but when will the next be :blush:

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omg this is so sweet ty!!

Hey Georgia!

Just to note, this is my first comment in the Episode Forum area so I’m kind of nervous :see_no_evil:
My story Blueprint had a place amongst the winners of the contest and I wouldn’t consider myself a “big author”.

I had one other story published and it had 20k reads at the time. Whilst my entry had 35k reads.

And to be honest reading all these comments about the winners not being fair made me feel downhearted. It really is disheartening that everyone thinks that way.

I too understand the frustration of not seeing my favourite entries up there, like the Passenger by Ely, Stormbreaker by Arch and Danse Macabre by Agatya. Quite frankly, I was shocked too. As everyone would behave when they don’t see their favourite story win. It’s purely subjective.

Everyone who talks about smaller authors not getting recognition is wrong because I was a small author with around 50k reads across my two published stories.

Personally, I think Episode should consider making these contests exclusive to smaller authors simply to give them the chance of some exposure.

Again, congratulations to the amazing entries that I have the privilege of sharing the shelf with. But mostly I’m thankful for all the lovely authors, of fantastic entries, that I have befriended along this contest journey.

Have a great day to anyone who’s reading this!


Escritbyace04 I think everyone is free to express their feelings, my publication was not marked, I clarify it, for me it was disappointing I never said that those who won did not make an effort, those were not my words if not yours. I think we all work a lot, in my case I lost a lot of time that I could dedicate to other more important things, that’s what we risk participating in these contests, let’s leave it in the hands of the great authors who do their work. very well and also those writers who participate and work on the episode, the little authors can continue to strive with our little stories, one day we can be like them. But I know that in my personal case these contests are not for me. There are many applications where you can do many stories and they give you a certain amount of money for them, however I choose Episode because I like it a lot. When you make a comment or criticize, you always do it wanting them to improve. You don’t do it to destroy.


lindas palabras , gracias.


The fact that only big writers won :full_moon_with_face:


I think you should not limit the comments she did not say anything bad, I think we are here to express ourselves friends, she is very right as long as she won 1000 readings regardless of the rubrics I think this time we were disappointed with the DL contest.
This is what we expose ourselves to by participating in my personal case.
We are to improve and we have to see these comments and not hide them because the key to success is in taking criticism.

Creo que no deben limitar los comentarios ella no dijo nada malo, creo que estamos para expresarnos amigos, tiene mucha razón siempre habían ganado de lecturas 1000 no importando las rúbricas creo que esta vez nos decepcionaron con el concurso DL.
A eso nos exponemos al participar en mi caso personal así fue.
Estamos para mejorar y tenemos que ver estos comentarios y no ocultarlos porque la clave del exito esta en tomar criticas.

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