Announcing the Winners of the Heroes and Villains Contest!

Hello Episode fans!

Today I am pleased to announce the winners of the Heroes & Villains contest. There were so many great entries! Almost 200 stories this time, making this one of our most popular contest yet! We also saw some of the highest rubric scores we’ve ever seen with 4 of the winners earning a perfect 4.0 :open_mouth: The winners were:

H & V: The Wizard’s Curse by Queen Neen :point_left: WINNER FOR BEST DIRECTING :movie_camera::clapper:
H & V: Bad Apple by Unchartedraider
H&V: Levity by Courtney Bre & Coni B
H & V: The Jungle by Amanda Michele
H & V: Dating Games by Tuesday Cross
H & V: Love & Let Live by S. Langdon
H & V: Songbird by Allison M.
H & V: Admit One by Simbellious
H & V: Magician’s Code by Isabella Costa

Congratulations again to all the winners!


Congrats to Queen Neen. :clap:

Otherwise @Liz honestly, I don’t agree with this charade. She’s is the winner selected from small writers, true. But where are other great stories? I read them! Many of those got all points in your grading rubric! And I don’t see them listed here.

I belive and I’m not the only one, this competition isn’t valid.

You can make another winners list, with only small authors on it and we will all be happy.

But don’t make us applaud to your payed authors and other famous ones. We already know they’re good and we admire them for that. We want a list of winners with underrated authors, so we ask to much?


Nice but can you check out or petition we’ve made? We really need a feedback.


Ok, I don’t mean any offence when I say this but…

How did Blurred Lines not even win??? Like that was such a good story with amazing directing that blew me away.

I just feel that there could’ve been more winners… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


First of all - my most sincere congratulations to everyone who has made the list! Your stories are awesome and you deserve to win, so very well done, everyone!

My only concern is, however, that popular authors shouldn’t really complete with the emerging ones as these are completely two different leagues. Both categories deserve the right to be featured so I suggest making 2 shelves for popular and aspiring authors as contests are the main way for new writers to get noticed.

I even started a whole initiative thread where most of the people support this idea and share ideas on how to improve this. So far, I believe, the best criteria for defining what authors are popular is the number of followers and average number of reads per story. Here is the link: FEATURE: supporting small authors discussion

@Liz, I understand that would require more work but I honestly believe that the contest judging needs to somehow balance the popular and aspiring authors, they all deserve to be in the spotlight.

Thank you very much for your attention.


I loved Neen’s story and Langdon’s story :heart_eyes: Neen so proud of u girly :kissing::kissing:


Fine Line didn’t win?! :open_mouth:
Congrats to everyone, I’m not trying to be rude. Just surprised.

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I’m pretty sure Fine Line wasn’t an entry?
Or do you mean Blurred Lines?


So this is something that comes up after every contest. Its understandable that people get upset - we all have our favorite stories and every author works hard and wants to win.

As always stories are selected based on 3 measures: reader retention, rubric score and fit to contest theme.

Reader retention is a measure of the percentage of readers who continue reading your story after you start it. We choose this measure specifically because it does not give “popular authors” an advantage over newer or smaller authors. If you haven’t done so already I strongly encourage you to read the linked article - it does a great job of explaining this. Rubric score looks at the quality of the story, the choices, the directing and the language.

Stories have to score high on both measures AND be good fits with the contest theme in order to win. If a story is a perfect 4 on the rubric score but has low retention - it can’t win. If a story has amazing retention but has a low rubric score it also can’t win.

This was a highly competetive contest with a lot of entries - we ended up with 15 finalists that had both high retention and high rubric score before we put together the winners shelf. At the time the team was reviewing finalists 8 of those stories had more than 1,000 reads and 7 had less than that. After looking at the finalists - 2 were not eligible because they broke content guidelines and 4 were not good fits for the contest theme. That left us with the 9 finalists you all see today. Yes, these stories have higher reads now, but its also important to remember that there is a bit of a delay, about 10 days, between when we get the finalists and when the shelf is released - during that time stories are still being promoted and are still earning reads.

We understand that many of you may still be upset or disappointed that your favorite story didn’t win, but I hope this helps clarify how contests work.


Ohhhh I thought it was…

No. She published it well after the date. I believe it was initially intended to be but then she changed her mind or didn’t want to rush to meet the deadline :woman_shrugging:


Oh okay. Makes sense. Oops!

So I’m gonna ask directly- based on which grading rubric did the story Bad Apple become one of the winer winners ?
I just read it and I can post you several photos. Story has only basic directing with many mistakes, characters cut on half- but the most important- the plot itself has nothing to do with heroes and villains!

As for me personally, I have no favorite story here and no friend story to praise it. All participants are equal to me.


Is it possible to see who the 15 finalist were? Even if you guys just post it on the forum here😃 I think it would awesome to see who came in close in the biggest contest entry for episode♥️


Thank you Liz!

In the future, will it ever be possible for participants to find out what their rubric scores were and the breakdown? I feel like that will be helpful as a writer to know what our strengths/weaknesses are, especially as the story is being graded anyway.


Were these 6 informed of how they broke guidelines/didn’t fit the theme?


We can’t comment directly on another author’s story as that would be an invasion of their privacy. Generally though rubric score is calculated much like GPA in that its an average. This means that higher scores in one or more categories can offset lower scores in another.


Am I only one that think that contests should be for unknown authors to shine.


Unfortunately no. Because of the volume of entries and the time it takes to work through them all it is not possible for us to notify the community at large or individual authors about their performance in the contests.


It’s something we have in our backlog of features to build.