Announcing the Winners of the Heroes and Villains Contest!


I don’t want to start an argument here, but I can’t keep quiet. It’s really not a pleasant thing to do to pick out a story and use it as an example in this way. The girl who wrote this story is a person, a human being with feelings. To publicly say the things you have is quite cruel. They’ve entered a contest not trying to put anyone down, but just entering her story like everyone else. Don’t blame or shame her for winning. If you feel this way and want to make a point, do it privately. Please don’t post on a public forum where she and other people can read it. You have no idea how she could feel reading this or any potential damage you could do.


As I mentioned in another comment, because of the volume of contest entires and the length of time it takes to work through them, it is not feasible for us to notify every entrant about the outcome for their story.


Oo I don’t mean every entrant. I meant the 2 who broke contest rules & the 4 who didn’t fit the theme. Surely it’d be good for them to know - for future contests?


I didn’t mean that way :heart:️ story Bad Apple itself is great :heart:
As many other stories. It’s not all in grading, you know!

But we’re now talking about the contest. And this story only fit in C in this grading rubric… Who ever says otherwise, didn’t read other stories. So if we want to be fair to other stories, I can name many which fit to A and B.

They can remove my story from the entering, but there are other stories which are flawless and amazing! Like: Backlash, Twisted wishes, The silver lining, Fate, In too deep.


Remember it’s subjective. Just because you might have graded something as an “A”, doesn’t mean that someone else would.
Nearly every contest there are always stories that I feel should be on the shelf and a couple that I’m personally surprised to see win, but at the end of the day, it’s very subjective. Everyone has different opinions, likes and dislikes. I might think a plot is amazing, the next person might think it’s boring.


If you want to talk about the contest as a whole that’s fine. You want to promote stories that you feel deserve to win, fine. But please just remember how the people who have won may feel and please don’t single out an individual and pick holes in their story. It’s actually quite upsetting reading a lot of this. But I’m trying to take it on the chin and not personally. But when I read you singling out one story and using it as an example of a story that you feel doesn’t fit the guidelines for winning, it was too much. I’m just asking you to please be mindful of people’s feelings when you’re trying to put your thoughts across and not to single out one story and slate it. Thank you.


Well you’re wrong again. I never judge stories subjectively. You should have known my system before assuming, but I welcome you to contact me if you want to know more.


You can’t take the subjectiveness out of grading a story? Opinions are subjective. You can never be 100% objective on something like writing. It’s like grading an essay.


Guess again.


I apologize again for my bad expression. After posting it I was thinking if I should go back and fix it and explain how I meant, but I explained later in the comment.

Story Bad Apple is very good. I personally love it. :heart:️ It’s just it doesn’t fill the grading rubric and theme of the contest, that’s all.

I know you fell atacked as one of the winners, but please don’t take it personally. :heart:️ It’s not about the story which won. It’s only about other underrated authors, which were left behind. :heart:


Things like choices, language, and directing (do overlays work smoothly) aren’t subjective, but yeah the story grade definitely is.


Oh yes I agree. I meant things like the plot =). I mean, I might think something is slow moving but another reader may not. Also “fit to theme” could also be open to interpretation?


Wow! I really love Admit One!

(Reminder: Keep the flamewars in the PMs!)


I like it too :smiley:


It really bothers me that “fit to theme” and “breaking contest guidelines” will never be shared with us.


Yassss so do I!


My love, you’re missing what I’m trying to say. You are singling out one story here and saying it shouldn’t be a winner because you feel it doesn’t fit the criteria. This could be very hurtful to the author so I’m trying to ask to please not single out any one story and use it in this way.

Also, not every story that is great can win. There are always great stories that don’t.


The overlays run like clockwork.


I haven’t read this one but it looks really interesting and I added it to my favourites earlier!


Episode singled out other stories- and that’s ok? I know those stories fit the criteria and don’t break guidelines and have high grade. That is bothering me, try to understand.