Announcing the Winners of the Heroes and Villains Contest!


I understand there are stories you felt should have won. Great, promote them and even fight for them, that’s fine.
It’s a shame you can’t understand me. All I’m asking is you don’t use a story that did win in this negative way. It could be hurtful to the author. But there’s no other way I can say this so I’ll leave this conversation here.


I think it would be nice that if the authors who were very close to winning and just missed out because of something like this were told. “Just so you know you were a finalist but unfortunately we felt your story didn’t fit the theme.”


I reckon it would be really interesting if we could get feedback from our entries to see what we didn’t do as well and so then we can also see what we candy better


It would probably be too much hard work, but I wish authors who broke contest guidelines could be informed by email of how they broke them. Probably 99% of them don’t do it on purpose, and some may never even realize they did it… which means they might end up doing the same again. :confused:
I always feel anxious thinking I might have messed up the rules somewhere during writing/publishing :sweat_smile:


Exactly! Like an Honorable mention!


I think that’d be very helpful for future contests.


If certain guidelines were broken by a lot of authors, it might even be helpful for Episode to release some general feedback. E.g “We noticed a lot of authors changed their covers after the deadline and this is against the rules” (I think it’s against the rules?!) or something like that. I’m very curious to know which guidelines constantly get breached as I’d like to make sure I don’t breach those myself :joy:

Somewhat unrelated but I know one author (at least) didn’t qualify because her google form didn’t go through. I wonder how many authors didn’t check their emails to see if they got that confirmation. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s not the only one.


I personally don’t feel as if she said anything wrong… Her story is poorly directed and the spotting is bad. When a story is bad should someone not point out its flaws so that the author can improve and fix their mistakes…
It won in the contest but it’s not the cream of the crop. What
@CoraMae is saying is that her story shouldn’t have even won with the amounts of poor directing and spotting. On top of that not having nothing to do with the concept of the contest.

An honorable mention yes a contest winner no.

~Lana Augustine :kissing_cat:


There were several stories that I read that I am very shocked did not make the shelf.
That being said. Congratulations to everyone that did win!

Great stories that I felt deserved to be up there as well.

H&V The Stolen Child by E. R. Gurney
H&V Pregnant By My Twin’s Student’s Gang Leader Dad by J. Miley
H&V Annabelle by Nis
H&V Lifeline by Bells. C


Same :neutral_face:


Can I just say that this was a competition where there are winners and losers? Although some factors of the rubric score can be subjective, the reader retention depends on us, readers. And to be fair, most of the readers don’t judge on the directing in the first place. I haven’t read the story yet, so I don’t know whether your statements are true or not, but if many people like a story (no matter how well or poorly written it is), you can’t blame Episode if it gets selected over your story or another one you liked.


No Liz. You have made this different and kind of a petty issue by telling we are upset because our favourite stories (or our stories indirectly) didn’t win. Let me make it clear for you. It isn’t about what you have mentioned it is. There are a lot of mistakes in your reply which shows a little bit of an ignorance towards the issue we are asking you to notice.

  • You spoke of reader retention. Let’s do some math with psychology here.
    Consider two stories A and B. Let’s say A have 10000 reads and B have 300 reads. What you have to understand here is the rate of reader retention would be less for a big author compared to the rate of reader retention for a small author. You may ignore it all you want but some of us have a statistical and probability knowledge, so provide proof if you want to disagree.
    Let’s say story A have retention of 10% which would be 1000 readers. And B would have a retention of 15%. Which would be 150 readers. So even with the most simple math, you can see that how small authors get hit. (All numbers used are to explain it. Not of any sort real data).

  • We do understand that the perspective of everyone is different. But as an evaluator, you can’t escape by telling that we see it from a different perspective. You have to tell us what perspective you saw it with. The credibility is missing.

  • Release the retention rates and rubric scores of all the stories with the perspective you got it with. A contest works that way. You are way too opaque for an open contest.

And please try to understand the issue from the perspective of a small writer and not as a petty issue which is created because our stories didn’t win. That would be jealousy but here we are trying to enlighten episode team of its flaws. Address it and solve it rather than escaping it by telling it’s happening because the stories we wished or wrote didn’t win.


There were almost 200 entries… If you didn’t make it to the top 9, it doesn’t mean automatically that your story was bad :wink:


I’m shaking my head so damn hard. I can’t believe these people who are slandering another author’s story just because they personally didn’t agree with the list of winners. That is some real fucked up shit, like how petty do you have to be to do that? That’s not even constructive criticism. It’s just straight up hating. The contest is over and the winners have been chosen. Move on.


Guys, let’s all calm down and try to be less emotional.

We should, first of all, thank Episode for giving everyone the opportunity to write and enter contests.

Secondly, let’s congratulate the winners. The stories are there and they deserve it, let’s respect the judges’ decision and the work done by the contestants. My congratulations to everyone once again — great job. :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

However, the system is not flawless and as lovers of Episode, that we all here are, otherwise we wouldn’t be leaving our comments, we want Episode to develop and become better.

My personal concern is that popular authors, who undoubtedly deserve to be featured, entering the contests do affect the chances of aspiring authors. Why so would you ask if it’s the reader retention and not the number of reads that counts? Well, that’s easy.

Imagine there are two stories, one with 100 reads and the other with 1000 reads. Imagine, 10 people drop out in each case. Obviously, that would affect the small author to a far greater extent than the big one with many fans and followers.

This is, of course, not the popular author’s fault. But this can be seen as a flaw in the system.

Is there a solution to this problem?

I believe there is or at least it can be thought of. If this reader retention rate is kept as a criteria then it is possible to make 2 shelves with writing moguls and newly discovered gems. How to differentiate who is popular and who is not? I believe it can be seen through the number of followers and an average amount of reads per story.

This would also be very helpful for any story, a contest entry or not, if the author could be notified about breaking the guidelines. Since Episode does make a rubric score for every entry anyway, I don’t see why not share these results via email. That would definitely help everyone improve and after all make Episode a better place with more awesome stories.

@Liz, I know many people address their concerns to you and after the contest winners announcement there are always people who are upset, it’s natural. However, we only want to improve the system which seems to have certain flaws and you feedback, therefore, is extremely important.

Thank you very much for your attention.



what are even these replies, it’s like civil war in here :skull:

i still defend my opinion about 2 shelves. there should be. there has to be.


Hello Dara Amarie. Rather than telling that the “CONTEST IS OVER AND THE WINNERS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN”… How about we ask one single question … HOW? I loved all those stories I read on the shelf. And I am happy for them. Really I am. But is it such a bad thing that I want the evaluation to be transparent? That I want to know why one story wasn’t chosen from the another? I think it’s a fair expectation. Don’t you think if you write a test in school and when the results come you would choose to see the grade or score rather than just blindly accepting your fate? That’s what is happening here. Not jealousy. I have started writing after seeing these authors. I am sure no one is going against them. Everyone is just trying to address an issue and that’s fair I guess.


What I was gonna do: “Thank you and congrats to all winners!”
What I am gonna do: Duck and cover


You did an amazing job and totally deserve to be featured, I would like to personally congratulate you on your fantastic achievement.

I personally don’t like how the comments are getting unnecessarily emotional here and I truly hope we can avoid this in the future.

We just all need to find the best solution to this situation, so that both writing moguls like yourself and aspiring authors get equal chances to get noticed and discovered. That’s all. We all love and respect Episode and want it to become even more amazing than it is now.

P.S. This is one is from me personally, but I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your Faking Death story. I find it very deep and this is the only story that I read immediately after a new chapter is released as with other stories I prefer to wait till the next season is complete. Thank you very much for addressing the issues you are addressing in this story.

With love and respect


Of course! For me personally, it’s only about finding the right balance between the popular authors and emerging ones, that’s why I initially suggested the 2 shelves idea.


I believe that there are indeed flaws in the system but we should be constructive and respectful, not emotional.