Announcing the Winners of the Heroes and Villains Contest!


I couldnt agree more to this :kissing_heart:


Thank you very much for your understanding!

It upsets me deeply that right now the thread looks more like a heated argument rather than a constructive discussion.

We should respect each other and support both the popular and the emerging authors. It’s only about finding the right balance not to prioritise ones over the overs.



I also know that the winner stories are there because they’re good and awesome! And they all deserve congratulations!

I just wish they would make two shelves. Because who am I to compare to Langdon? :disappointed: She is way to good to be on the same shelve with us small authors.


Yes, it would be very helpful to get some feedback, especially since they are grading stories agains the rubric anyway. I now have doubts about my story as well although I was constantly referring back to the rubric and guidelines while writing.


Personally, I don’t mind not winning. Would I have liked to? Sure, that’s why I entered. But do I feel like I was short-changed because I didn’t get a place on the shelf? Not at all.

I wrote a good story. I met a bunch of new people. I made new friendships. I had new readers tell me my story made them laugh until they cried. And I improved my craft along the way.
Those are all more important to me than a spot on the shelf and they all make me so glad I entered.

So congrats to those of you who placed, and congrats to those of us who didn’t place but still wrote amazing stories, worked hard to get them out on time, and entertained or moved our readers. We may not have won the contest, but we all won in our own ways - and not just in a “participation award” kind of way.


Is that really the only thing you took out of everything that I said? That “move on” (and literally that whole comment) was directed towards the people talking shit on a winner’s story. So I have no idea why you replied to me as if I said anything bad about people wanting to know their results and what not.


I feel aweful. Someone turned around my words. No, I feel like total shit now. :sob: I never ever meant to slender any story.

Stories are publicly posted. They’re not private. And I have no right to name the story which is not fitting the theme?

Episode judges plot, choices, directing and grammar with Grading rubric.

I expect the winners to be winners legitimate - I am asking too much?

I look up to you Dara. And I know that you know what is good directing! I’m guessing you haven’t read the story I mentioned, if you would, you would at least understand what am I talking about.

It’s one thing that story is awesome! But there’s grading rubric! I I expect all the winners not only to fit the theme, but also the grading rubric.

I disappointed many with my statement, I know. Because my words are turned around. I never said the story is bad! I just expect fair judging! And I’m 100% disappointed in Episode and 100% hurt by hypocrites who are making me the villain here.


I don’t think anyone is making you a villain here. It’s completely fine to share your opinion, disappointment or frustration, but this was really not the way.

I also entered the contest and I have 81 reads so far. Not 81K, 81 as it is.
Was I disappointed? Yes. Did I try to convince anyone that my story should have won and certain ones shouldn’t? No.
(Actually I only entered the contest for fun with some idiot comedy, so I don’t think it should have been selected over some really great stories, but I hope you get my point.)


Thread is going to get locked :skull:

do y’all agree on 2 shelves or na?


Congratulations to ALL of the winners!!! I’m looking forward to a time when I can finally read them.


That second statement is incorrect.
Heres why:
Most readers do judge the story based on how good the is directing as well as spotting and grammar. If it does continue to have those same errors on and on (past episode two) people won’t continue to read it.

Obviously, it’s a contest and in a contest, you normally put in your all and work hard at fixing all your errors and mistakes that you can catch. This Author did not do that and given the amount of time she had to do so those should have been fixed so it would have been a little mistake here a little mistake there (reasonable). But the directing and spotting is bad. Let me give you a scenario.

Let’s say you’re at a five-star restaurant and they serve you on dirty dishes while charging you 35$ a plate and give you lukewarm food would you eat it? Of course not because no one is going to eat at a five-star restaurant that that server on dirty dishes and lukewarm food.

Actually, I can blame episodes for stepping over small time authors and not picking their stories which most are good entertaining stories there just to small to be recognized. It makes these small time authors feel bad and doubt themselves and their craft which they worked hard on. And never get recognized because you do have big named authors constantly winning contests all the time. Episodes knows that as long as they keep those big named authors up they’ll win. Its called cashing in. They know people will read those stories because they are big and a lot of people know about them.

But that not the point the point is that that author, in particular, shouldn’t have won no matter how interesting her story is. You wouldn’t watch a poorly directed movie. And as a contest winner her story as I said above in the previous statement

~Lana Augustine :kissing_cat:


I understand what you mean and I 100% agree with you. I really never read contest story because there so poorly directed and I cand fathom how they even win to get on the shelves
There’s just a lot of troll on here today…

~Lana Augustine :kissing_cat:


No one is hating on these stories these are facts (well most of them are.) And are true with most storied that have won in contests. It’s not being petty. being is doing something over a small & trivial matter. This isn’t a small nor trivial matter what a lot of people are protesting/ getting on Episodes about is picking all the big time authors and not giving any credit to the small authors. Small time authors who what their stories to be read that they have spent hours, days. and weeks on to write. To get little to no credit. All they want is a little notoriety and there nothing wrong with that.

~Lana Augustine :kissing_cat:


I really don’t want to start an argument here, but:

I don’t think they do. Most readers use the App because they would like to relax by reading some good stories with interesting characters and good plot. I’ve seen a few stories where I was really amazed by the directing, but they are not necessarily my favorites. I am not a judge, I don’t rate stories by the rubric score. I choose my favorites based on my overall impression. (Grammar was not even mentioned before, so I don’t understand what it is has to do with any of the selected stories.)

I remember that the author of Bad Apple won the Spotlight contest earlier. The only reason I remember this is that by that time she had like 300 reads on her story and I was really surprised and also happy that a small, unknown author could win.


Writers who strive to be good in writing and directing, eventually learn to see the difference between good - bad plot and directing. More stories you read, more differences you see. And no matter how hard I try to write good, I can never be good enough in my opinion, because while watching great stories I see I still have much to learn.

When I was a beginner I also didn’t see those differences. But now when I do, I can tell you it’s not easy to force yourself to read a story if author still didn’t conquer the basic.


I understand this, but I’m pretty sure there are more readers than writers in the community. I know there are differences and I do see them. I just don’t care until the story is good and the directing only has a few minor errors.


Can you guys stop coming after this author? We are all in a CONTEST. Contest means, some win/some lose. They pick multiple people because not everyone likes the same stuff.

I read bad apple, and I will tell you that the story won because of the CONTENT. It was a juicy drama filled Read that makes you keep tapping and say “oh no she didn’t!” Just because it’s not your cup of tea doesn’t mean that it’s not someone else’s. It also doesn’t mean that it deserves to lose.

There is a person behind this story. How would you feel if a group of people continued to say you do not deserve your success.


I know you’re right. I just hope she understands that this ranting has nothing to do with her :woman_facepalming:t4: We just want 2 shelves and transparent judging.


Yes! I just transitioned from reader to write. And I will tell you that before I started writing, I didn’t notice half the crap I do now!

This is an GAME on a phone that people use to relax… If the story keeps you reading, no reader is going to put down the phone because a face was cut off or the story didn’t have spinning overlays.

It’s a G. A. M. E. A hobby that we all enjoy.

I agree with recognizing smaller readers, but I don’t agree with trash talking/giving “feedback” to an author who didn’t ask for it.


Thank you so much :blush::two_hearts: