Announcing the Winners of the Heroes and Villains Contest!


I heard.


Is it just my app or is the shelf gone already? I thought contest shelves were usually up for two weeks?


CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!!! Every winner was amazing and I think they all worked hard to earn a spot on the shelf


It’s not just you… Where did it go???


What the heck it disappeared fast


I thought I was the only one lol


Ok weird… I literally just got the shelf back lol. I’m guessing it was removed by mistake?


yeah maybe


I agree! All of those stories were awesome!


I personally wouldn’t want to be on a separate shelf in a contest. I would feel much more accomplished knowing I was able to compete with the best! Plus, these contests bring out amazing work in the popular authors. We wouldn’t have love and let live by s.langdon or levity by Courtney bre and Coni b otherwise!


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