Annoyed placement error

I am coding one of my scripts currently, trying to place one of my character in a specific spot but every time i try save/preview it, it moves to it previous spot.
This is my current script, with one of my placement:
@MINION14 spot 0.101 97 468 in zone 1
@MINION14 faces right
@MINION14 moves to layer 4
But every-time I save/preview, the character position changes back to:
@MINION14 spot 0.083 66 473 in zone 1
@MINION14 moves to layer 4
It’s not following my coding at all. If any can explain why, please give me some insight.

I’m not sure what you mean, or why this might be happening. :thinking: Is the code in your script changing back each time you refresh, or the character’s place in the preview pane?

All I can suggest from this much info is the standard weird-bug-checklist:

  • Have you refreshed the window? Sometimes it just barfs and needs a refresh.
  • If you preview it in the app vs. the preview pane, is anything different?
  • How many characters do you have in the scene? I think Episode has imposed some limit as to how much stuff can be in the scene because some/many devices will crash after 20 or so. No idea what it looks like when you hit the limit, though.
  • Maybe start the preview from further back in the scene…? Sometimes my preview pane behaves awkwardly when I start it in the middle of the scene. As always, the app is the best place to get a perfect preview of the story.

It may be too many characters in one scene, but my script isn’t changing. My coding is the same, just not showing on my preview.
My coding script, with my desire character placement i want:
What happens after saving/previewing:
I’m going to delete some character and see how that goes

Very strange. :thinking: Only thing I can picture is a typo later, if you meant to put another character at spot 0.083 66 473 (eg. MINION15), and typed MINION14 instead. But other than that, it’s a mystery. :thinking:

…I found the issues :sweat_smile:. I feel so ridiculous, you were right with the typo, but it’s resolved, thank you so much for responding and helping with my issue!!

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