Annoying Episode Stories

I see these kinds of stories everywhere, the ones where the MC has a bunch of guy friends which all like her, and she likes them back. There’s no problem with that (okay, it’s kind of cliche).
When she kisses one of them, for example, when MC kisses guy1, the rest of the guys get upset, but forgive her later on.
But when one of the guys kiss another girl, the MC is like, “OMGGGG HE KISSED ANOTHER GIRL, iM dYinG rN, HoW cOuLd he, I TRUSTED HIM, I WILL NEVER FORGIVE HIM!1!!1!!”
Why does she get mad, you kissed other guys, why can’t they kiss other girls?
These kinds of stories annoy me so much, the MC is so spoiled, and makes me want to rip her hair out (overdramatic).


There’s actually a thread that’s dedicated to things like that.


Thank you for including my thread :blush:

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