Annoying Female Characters

Is it just me or do some female MC come across as annoying.
I wish authors would implement more personality and quirks.
All of the stereotypical MC girls act all tough, distant, and b*tchy.
They think they’re independent and can defend themselves but this thought process always results in them being kidnapped/hurt.
They don’t let others tell them what to do and fight constantly.
I would say they’re naive but in some cases they’re down right ignorant.
I wouldn’t talk about this if it was a few cases but the issue is EVERYBODY WRITES THEIR MAIN CHARACTERS LIKE THIS.

Can we please have MC who are overwhelmingly kind and gentle. Or a MC who’s hilarious and sassy. OR (this is never implemented) a character who’s mean and evil.

Why do they have to be the ignorant, stubborn, and annoying girls. What’s so appealing about that?
I can’t help but become annoyed and hate them so much to where I can’t finish the story.

Some examples of annoying MC tropes.

Let’s say the love interest found out that the MC’s best friend was planning on killing her. He shows her proof and tells her that he’s gonna hide her SO SHE DOESN’T DIE.
And then she starts being stubborn refusing to leave.
“Don’t tell me what to do!”
“I can’t just leave!”
Like b do u wanna die?

Other examples are the MC always being distant and super rude to any boy that breaths around her. So now you have to deal with 15 episodes of the boy trying to win her heart.

Like this girls need to calm down. It would be much easier to find a man if you weren’t so annoying and bland.

The most important part of the story is characters. Please give them personality. Don’t over-exaggerate it.

Being distant and mean isn’t a unique misunderstood personality on episode. It’s really really bland and over-used.

Maybe create your characters after yourself? A movie character? A friend.

Nobody is the same. And neither should your characters.


If anybody needs help developing a character and their quirks just message me and I can help.

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I totally agree with this! There are a couple of stereotypes that you find in every other story. Most times, you find them in trio: the bad boy, the best friend who’s sassy and the mc that is distant and rude to the love interest :woman_facepalming:t3:


The main character of my story is not like that at all. :wink:


I have a character who is kind of like that, but she had a really tough past, and for a while in the story she just swears off all guys but I show her warming up (and there is no guy-chase girl thing going on). Anyway, she has her reasons for being like that, and I do develop her character. I show her backstory in the first episode, so the readers get an understanding of why she might have certain issues. And by “swearing off all guys” I mean the ones who try to hit on her and stuff. (She has guy friends). She has a lot of trust issues from her past, so that’s another reason why she acts like that.