Annoying overlay problem

Hey guys, I’m currently having a problem with two of my overlays. I’m trying to make a mirror scene with the COLLEGE BATHROOM background. I basically have taken that background and cropped out one of the mirrors.Both are overlays.Well,I’m doing what I’m supposed to do, but when I click Save and then Preview, they just aren’t the size that I have written for them to be or in the place where I have written for them to be. They get reset and I don’t know why it is happening.I’m going crazy!!! Is anything like this happening to any of you as well or is it just me?

Do you have the script of the problem?

yep, I do.
INT. BLACK - DAY with BATHROOM2 at layer 2 with BATHROOM1 at layer 3
@cut to zone 1
@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
@MOM moves to layer 3
@MOM spot 0.893 -489 185
@overlay BATHROOM2 shifts to -3 -24
@overlay BATHROOM2 scales to 0.017 0.017
@overlay BATHROOM1 shifts to 165 285
@overlay BATHROOM1 scales to 0.005 0.008
@pan to zone 3 in 4.7 AND MOM walks to spot 0.893 161 185 in zone 3 in 4.7 AND MOM faces right AND MOM moves to layer 3

well, the overlay’s layers are not what I want them to be, I was just testing them out, but that isn’t the problem rn.

Do you have the coding for both overlay verso?

I don’t exactly get what you mean. Could you explain please.Also,thanks for replying.

Like since both overlays are mirrors maybe you type the coding with the wrong overlay

BATHROOM1 is the mirror. And no, I don’t think I’m typing them incorrectly. I’ll insert the pictures if it helps.

This is BATHROOM1,the part of the picture I’ve cropped out and want to make a mirror

This is BATHROOM2, and as you can see part of it is cropped out. That’s where I want to put BATHROOM1.

Also, I havent coded BATHROOM1 to be in zone 3, where the part that is missing is. I’ll do that, but my problem is that when I do code both of these and hit Save, it just doesn’t. They become huge and not the size or place that I want them to be at.

Overlays tend to not work very well with the backgrounds INT. BLACK - NIGHT and INT. WHITE - DAY

Why don’t you just use the College Bathroom background and add the overlays to the scene?

But wait does the overlay become huge then to the size you want them to be?

I did that when I first started coding, but it confused me as the background and the overlay are the same lol.I’ll try doing it again though. Thanks.

Nope. It just becomes huge,

I get you lol. You can always upload your own black background and use that instead.

Will do haha. Thank you.