Annoying Things on Forums



Hey! Don’t know if this is the right place but oh well

This is where you can put down anything that is annoying you forums. ANYTHING! Just a few rules:

  1. Don’t name people, we aren’t trying to shame them
  2. Be Nice to other people sharing their annoyances
  3. Feel free to discuss annoyances but don’t be aggressive or offensive


People who are openly racist and offensive but yet they get laid off like it didn’t happen. Whew, Chile. Their ignorance is something. Especially since the moderators never take notice! :unamused::unamused:


My annoying thing that happened:
I tried voicing my opinions and questions on a controversial topic I didn’t know much about.
I think it may have sounded like I was trying to be mean or something, but this one person got so annoyed at me… I understood that I may have said something offensive, so I apologized.
But the person kept talking to me in an offensive tone, and I was going to apologize again… but then the thread got closed. :sweat_smile:

I did say something wrong, but that was because I was ignorant, and then I realized that it was wrong, and was going to apologize for it. I was trying to tell this person that I wasn’t trying to be offensive, I just had questions…

I feel like I would have understood better if the person came at my ignorance with a different approach. We could have had an open-minded conversation on why my statement was wrong, but instead, it felt like the person was yelling at me.

I just think that if you see a racist/ignorant/mean comment, you can’t just assume that that was what the person was trying to say.

Sorry, this turned into a rant, but those are some things I find annoying on the forums…

Main point:
I guess my annoying thing about the forums is that some people aren’t really respectful of other’s opinions on a lot of topics.


I agree!


I think the one of the most annoying things for me on forums is when people start going off topic and somehow it turns into a political argument. How do you go from talking about…I don’t know, clothing, and then you start to talk politics?
Also, people on forums are too sensitive these days. You can’t share your opinions without people attacking you, and your opinion is usually the unpopular one.
Last thing, the flannel and tartan discussion. It’s a flannel!! It’s a tartan!! Who gives a crap?!!!

( Also, I think this should be in the Episode Fan Community category )


It really matters by the opinion though. But I agree with your points.


Moved to Site Feedback as this is a thread about site feedback. Thanks.


People who can make a complaint about every little thing. Honestly if that doesn’t get on your nerves you deserve a Nobel Peace Prize!


My biggest pet peeve has to be people who cause forums to be closed almost single handedly

Or people who entertain foolishness (off-topic trolls) in topics (which i had to learn to stop doing, I have been guilty of this when i was new to the site) you’ll eventually realize that its not worth it.

When we just can’t be respectful towards each other because we disagree, it doesn’t hurt to apologize for miscommunication sometimes guys.

And lastly calling people rude names, simply because of said disagreements. Especially when they never responded or referred to that immature person in the first place

I’ve done a lot of these things before but I’m trying to refrain myself, I’m in no way perfect or faultless


The constant trolls and racsism happening. Yes u can ignore them but hard to when they are everywhere…


I know, it’s so tempting sometimes. But at the same time they are very desperate for us to acknowledge them. They thirst for our attention. They’re sad individuals…


More power to those who can x3
Its very hard for me to >-<
And it never gets adressed so they keep going


Let’s see…

  1. When people get offended by other people’s point of view, and start getting aggressive, instead of having a civilized conversation. Also to the same category, when you express dislike for some cultural tradition or religious/political practice, they instantly claim that it means you are racist and a hater. Differentiate these things. The fact that I hate olives, doesn’t mean I hate some dude who picks them up somewhere in Greece.
  2. People who claims to fight against racism, while being even more racist (yep, you got it right)
  3. Inappropriate topics, like babies kidneys used for food industry and other complete crap and conspiracy theories.
  4. Art stealing (HATEHATEHATE)
  5. Whiners. There are some people who whine about literally every damn thing that is happening. Nothing is good enough ever. Especially visible at Episode update threads.
    :rainbow: Done.


Oh that’s probably the worst thing that someone could possibly do on the forums!


When people ask for good story recommendations within specific parameters that they are looking for but people use it as a opportunity to just promote their own story …




Yeah, this is really annoying :persevere:

I mean, come on, I understand you wanna get your story out there, but please read what the top of the thread says-you need to understand what the poster is looking for.

I’m sure you have an amazing, wonderful story and you worked hard, but there are so many other threads you can promote on- always, before you promote your own story, read what it says : )


I don’t like this-so when arguments take place, there is room for discussion without using foul language but I have seen it be used. I really hate it when a person insults or makes fun of someone’s intelligence and/or existence for voicing an opinion. If you disagree, there is a polite way of going about it, no need for harsh words to be uttered. I usually stay out of these arguments and stick to the directing/forum games area ‘cause it’s my fav XD
But yeah, please be respectful of everyone, no matter if you disagree with what they said. If they are being rude, simply flag their hurtful comment and move on. No need for any name calling to take place. Also, please do not engage trolls, they are just looking to get a reaction out of you. They want you to act that way, they love drama and that’s how they pass their time-they waste theirs, don’t let them waste yours.


Amen! This is against forum rules and grounds for being flagged


Something similar; when people put their story on story review thread as a means of story promotion, then hate on the reviewer for getting a bad review…