Annoying Things that Readers Do

So I have seen a lot of threads that ask about what the reader’s don’t like when Author’s do (typos, mis-commands, basic plots, etc) but anyone who codes knows it can be time consuming and take a lot of effort. So, out of curiosity, what are things that annoy you (the AUTHOR) that readers do? For an example, I can’t stand when readers say “you should add this option as a choice”. If I had a result for that choice option I would have added it. Lol - I don’t mean bashing when author’s have ASKED for help, I mean unsolicited plot changes.


When they ask for updates as a reader I find this rude. I never did because I know pressure for getting things done and they are doing the same. I hate pressure. Also when they complain about gem choices that don’t impact the storyline.


I haven’t personally published a story (yet :upside_down_face:) but from the fan mail I scroll through for some popular authors, there’s always:
“Is ___ the only LI”
“Can we customize ____”
“When are you updating?”
“Can you update faster”
“You should add more outfits”
“Can you add more choices”
“Why aren’t there choices”

Curiosity questions are fine but if the author clearly states that this and this aren’t or such and such will be included, then why repetitively ask?

-Oh, but if there’s some kind of question involving, let’s say a LI and the author wrote FULL CC and you would like to customize your LI to your liking, then that’s different imo.


ask dum qustions in the fanmail, exampels of a few I have gotten

Hey can I CC, I told in the start you get to CC MC and the LI.
Is there a female love interest Yes two infact, and 3 male. if you read the Q and A you would know.

who are the love interest again its said in the Q and A

its nice people send fan mail. but still


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A few things I’ve gotten:

Hey, can you read my story? Sure, but this is fanmail only.

Hey, I’d like CC That’s great, but I said at the start that there is 000000000 CC.

Hey, why is there only limited CC? Because the characters need to look a certain way.

Why are there no choices?
There are too many choices
There are too little choices!
There’s a perfect amount on choices, but I’d like CC :woman_facepalming:t4:


If they say they hate one of the characters or that they don’t like how they look. To me that’s just plain rude, especially if it’s a direct fanmail or comment on the author’s post. Also think it makes it worse when it’s said early on and the characters haven’t had time to develop.


I’ve never published a story yet, but from what I’ve seen, questions about CC when the author specifically said there’s limited or no CC.
Asking the author to update sooner, that’s a lot of pressure in that sentence honestly, the readers should respect that the author has a life other than Episode.

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I haven’t released a story yet (but I am currently finishing up my first one) and I had a Q&A Live on instagram

One person asked if there will be CC and I said no since I am including custom overlays and arts scenes, and then they said you can just make it an option to include all of that at the beginning of the story. I said no I’m not going to do that since that is so much unnecessary work and they then said they weren’t going to read my story :roll_eyes: like okay I didn’t need your singular read anyways


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