Another app stealing episodes ideas

So I went on the App Store, and there’s this other app and in the preview it looks exactly the same as episode it’s called spotlight: choose your romance, just like episode: choose your story, I just thought I should report it 🤷

This is episode:

And this is “Spotlight”

They are the same! Except from a different art style and a few different words??

(I wasn’t really sure which topic this thread fitted into, sorry if it’s the wrong one :sweat_smile:)


spotlights stories are different, I’m on both so dont worry about it. I’ve read all the stories they offer and they aren’t really like episode. I totally get why you would think tho, I dont like that they feel like they have to copy episode. the stories on Spotlight are amazing and it annoys me when they do this.


Oh, okay thanks!

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The way they copied the art tho- LOL

ik! the app is literally episode classic :face_vomiting: (sorry classic lovers) but worse , I never play, I’m just there because I have a bunch of followers and because there is a To All the Boy I’ve Loved Before story

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Oh my gosh that frustrates me just to look at