(Hiring now!)

Hey there!!

New Group On Instagram is Hiring right now!!

So If you want to join then The Link is Below :smiley: :smile:
So…Fill out the form

We are looking for

Story reviewer
Pfp maker and all
Because Its a new Group so…you know there are a lot of spots left

Link :point_down: :point_down:

Some tags…Sorry If you don’t want to be tagged My motive isn’t to upset you or something…so I am sorry…


@Tessanova @AnastasijaIvashkov @Ana @Randomwriter07 @Rachel_Rose1 @rashmi_d @Anam @writes.tiana @annabelleoninsta @Mira @HappyDaisy @noyaan @Fashionqueen2020 @Stargazer1 @Stargazer54 @daisyrodriguez

Tag them Who you think might be interested for joining a group

I will aprreciate it :slightly_smiling_face: :relaxed: :kissing_heart:


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