Another error could someone help plz?

So i have this error a lot but i always just delete the choice but i cant really do that here… Can someone help?

That last choice you have there, just make sure there’s some dialogue there. It can be small like the narrator saying “Are you sure?” but always when making choices make sure there’s a character/narrator speaking before it.

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choice are on the same line as the first line on 46. I am pretty sute you can not do that

also with the second choice on 73 there is not text before it a charatere needs to say something before or narrator

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Thanks guys i’ll try them

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K so i tried both and the error is still there…

Did you close the first choice? The first one in the picture with medium heart vampire fangs?

This is probably not it, I’m just confused.

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Yeah i closed it

i’m just as confused as you are :sweat_smile:

Can you not take away the } in line 63?
Because you close the choice in line 67

You have to have dialogue before each choice.
If you don’t want dialogue there what I usually do is I do a narrator bubble and I set the bubble at a size that you can’t see it

Can you please post another screen shot of your script?

Before the choice a character or narrator needs to say something.


@ZACH changes mouth into Full Lower Lip Sharp Vampire Fangs


Are you sure this is right? (or something else)

“Yes, this is right!”

@ZACK starts showings_threatening
@pause for 2

} “No, take me back!” {

I hope this helps!

Yeah that’s what i did and the error is still there!


Line 81 needs to go on line 77 so that its before the dialogue. You can’t have anything between the dialogue and the choice.


TYSM that worked i was stuck on that for ages!

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