Another freaking story Poll

I want to make a story but have trouble picking which one I want to do because I’m always getting new ideas. The last poll I did the space one won by a landslide, but I have had a werewolf story stuck in my head for a very long time.

Which story would you rather read?

BETA- You’re a sarcastic, relatable and humorous college dropout. You don’t really care about anything, you have no family, you’re broke, and all your friends were fake, some pretty good reasons to go clubbing pretty much every night. You’ve hit rock bottom. But one night a man Kidnaps you, ties your hands, leaves you in the backseat of a car for an hour, walks you into a room full of strangers, then tells you they’re werewolves, and that you’re supposed to be with a regrettably handsome man you’ve never even met. You’re not having it. (CC)

Deep Space- The year is 2533, and your an elite citizen on the elegant planet of Valux in the Milkyway Galaxy, home of the humans. But one day you discover something terrible about someone close to you, hoping to escape alive you stowaway on a Galactic Government Military ship. Unfortunately, you don’t know where the ship is going, or who’s on it, what’s worse is a powerful artifact stored on the ship sends you and 4 complete strangers hurtling into another galaxy. You’re officially lost in deep space. (CC)

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