Another mini game 😂

So as many of you know I love mini games, but I’m struggling to come up with one for this particular theme.
So in my scene the MC is a police officer and is supposed to be doing some work, rather than script a scene that has little relevance to the storyline I was thinking about doing a mini game, but can’t decide what to do.
I want to see what you guys think and if you could think of something better or help me with some ideas.

so my ideas

  1. You are on duty to look for some stolen jewels, you have to find yourself around the maze and collect the jewels. the maze will have a mini map on the side that reader can see themselves on.

  2. Analysing finger prints… not sure if this work would how I would want it too but I could attempt to make a mini game when you have to match up the finger prints to figure out who is guilty.

  3. has anyone played Einstein’s riddle? (simple version) you are given certain objects and have to match them up with the people accordingly to the rules given. for example let’s say I do a puzzle based on lost property. this is how it would work.

3 people Emma, Jake and Jo
3 keys red, yellow and blue
3 jewels ruby, Dimond and emerald

you have to decide what item belongs to who
for example it may say

Rule 1 Emma does not own a blue key
Rule 2 The person who owns the emerald owns the yellow key
Rule 3 Jo Does not own the diamond
Rule 4 The person who owns the Diamond has a blue key
Rule 5 Emma owns a Ruby

can you work out who owns what?


Emma owns the Ruby and the red key
Jo owns the Emerald and the yellow key
Jake owns the Diamond and the blue key


I’m terrible at explaining but here we go

from these clues we know;

Emma does not have a blue key (rule 1) and because we know in rule 4 that whoever owns a diamond has a blue key… she could not have the diamond either.

Jo doesn’t have a Dimond meaning she can’t own the key either this means that Jake owns the blue key and diamond

We also know that Emma owns a Ruby (Rule 5) and in (rule 2) it says that the person who owns the Emerald owns a yellow key. Since Emma does not have an Emerald and that Jo doesn’t have a diamond that means that Jake must own both the Diamond and the blue Key and this can only mean that Jo has to own the Emerald (the only jewel left) and the yellow key since the person holding the yellow key has an Emerald.


Hi😊 I love your idea

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I LOVE mini games, just because they’re so fun and you’re not always suceeding. I love how they also impact the story, and this sounds really cool


@Maeverie.Rivera @Melia5
Thank you, do you think this should be 1 big mini game or should I just use them individually throughout the story?


I think you should use them throughout the story.

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Throughout the story, that’s what I think, but any way would be great😊

Those ideas are great as always :blob_hearts:

Perhaps option 3 could work well if let’s say the MC gets handed a case file with evidence displayed throughout and had to find the culprit out of 3 to 5 people. When she goes to interrogate each suspect individually, maybe they could say the clues.

example: The MC could interrogate Emma about where she was at the time of death and Emma could say she was getting her house key duplicated as a spare for her roommate and show the MC the key she has now, which would be red.

just stuff like that.
the case file could be kept in a corner maybe so the reader can tap on it whenever? :thinking:

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