Another overlay error... [insert depressed sigh here]

Sooo… here we are again. For this part of the script, I have the overlays’ opacity at 1, so I can position them. But the overlays are all funky, they don’t appear and their outline is humongous. This is my script:
(The overlay SUNDAY MORNING is working)

@zoom reset
@overlay TWO DAYS LATER create
@overlay TWO DAYS LATER opacity 1
@overlay TWO DAYS scales to 0.001 0.001

@overlay SUNDAY MORNING create
@overlay SUNDAY MORNING opacity 1
@overlay SUNDAY MORNING scales to 0.012 0.012
@overlay SUNDAY MORNING shifts to 11 297

@overlay THREE PM create
@overlay THREE PM LATER opacity 1
@overlay THREE PM scales to 0.012 0.012

@pause for 1.5

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You didn’t shift TWO DAYS LATER or THREE PM so maybe that’s why

Thank you, I will test this out!

Haha, I’m working on that part! :sweat_smile:

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LOL, I just realized that I just made a typo when typing out the overlay name.

Overlays don’t work very well with the INT. BLACK - NIGHT and INT. WHITE - DAY backgrounds. It would be best to use a different background, maybe even upload your own all black background.


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